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Boom Beach - Best Loadout For Group Ops

Discussion in 'Mobile and Tablet Games' started by Vern1961, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. Vern1961


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    Edit; This is for Boom Beach

    Currently in a very good group that does almost daily ops. Unfortunately my success rate isn't all that good because the targets chosen tend to be on the "tough" side - multiple rocket launchers with overlapping cover, hot pots, grapplers, high level boom (one hit) cannons etc. As a L47 player I have seven landing craft at my disposal - 2 x tanks, 2 x grenadiers and 3 x heavies.

    Is this the best generic loadout or would I be better off replacing one of the boats with first aiders or maybe a different type of troop? Grenadiers are quite good in terms of range and area damage but spectacularly inaccurate when trying to knock down a specific target. Medics to me seem a waste of a boat that could be used to shore up offensive capability, though I may experiment with the new hero who releases health repairing critters.
  2. MissChief


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    It's difficult because for boom cannons you want large numbers of riflemen so you overwhelm the cannons. But they're decimated by rocket launchers and flamers. Upgrade your boats ASAP. And upgrade your gunboat. I run 2x4 medics and 6x3 tanks as well as having gunboat boosting statues which I usually use power powder on the masterpiece. I have over 100 points so I can take down the shockers and inventions before even deploying my troops.
  3. fretted


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    If you dont have high enough level tanks or 8 boats, you should stick with hooka 4 boats heavy 3 boats zookas. You wont clear many bases but you would cause a lot of widespread damage
  4. MissChief


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    Heavy/Zooka is great for low levels it's true. And I'd recommend critters if you can. They're great for causing a diversion on Boom Cannons. Some bases can even be taken out without launching any troops once you have them.