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Bored of the rain now

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SPG, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. krooton


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    I'm sure your local businesses that rely on tourists will be pleased :p
  2. Gypo

    Wise Guy

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    Was going to post a bit earlier but wanted to check the 06Z runs first.

    Next week we currently have cross party model agreement on a plume hitting the UK, mainly affecting the southern and eastern regions.

    How far north and west will it go? Draw a line from Hull to Bournemouth and thats the divide between warmer/hot air and cooler air.

    All subject to change of course, CFS isn't having any of it and it may well adjust westwards....or it could fall away slightly

  3. Blackjack Davy


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    Its the first time in 3 or 4 months theres its barely rained at all. I couldn't believe it last week when it actually rained all day. And it rained again. And again! The ground has actually turned damp rather than the dustbowl its been the last couple of months! The grass has gone green again! Huzzah!

    It was certainly flashing and banging wondered what was going on at first it was quite a racket some really good forked lighting. Barely a drop of rain though.
  4. loltim


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    Does anyone that actually spends time outside 'love' rain?:p
  5. AndyCr15


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    Went to Royal Ascot yesterday with work, maybe the 8th straight year. Wow it was wet! Ponchos and umbrellas all over the place! Usually I'm hiding in the shadows, covered in sun cream...