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Boris Johnson is considering a trade in price of £6K for an EV

Discussion in 'Motors' started by ShiWarrior, Jun 9, 2020.

  1. Journey


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    And as a mechanic, you understand how value can be retained in older cars by repairing them with parts from other cars, that have been scrapped and written off.
    As more and more EV's come to market they will be more that are in accidents etc. which means more spare parts, so those 'unusable' cars can be made usable with spare parts.
    You only need to look at the cost of a Nissan Leaf 24kWh battery pack, they sell for a pretty penny even when depleted below 70% as they can be recycled into stationary storage projects, and ones that still have good capacity can be used to make a car that might be 8 years old like new again, as you put it.

    If you are of an age to still be working when EV's become the main new cars being sold are you going to learn to repair/service/sustain them?
  2. Freakbro


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    Well yes...so the answer to your question is : We don't know yet
  3. Pottsey


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    That's tempting for me. I already have one ICE car for sale now and another sub £500 ICE car I plan to get rid of later.
  4. Orionaut


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    All valid enough, None of which addresses my point regarding the current situation.

    Most people now, with 10-15 year old cars, will not be in a position to buy a new EV, even if the scrappage scheme gave them £20,000.
  5. [TW]Fox

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    No you couldn't as there were minimum ownership period criteria with the previous schemes.
  6. sovietspybob


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    I guess i'm in the minority as i have a 10 year old car with over 100,000 miles on the clock, i've been holding off buying a new car for a few years as i've been waiting to go electric so for me this could be ideal (if my wife hadn't just been made redundant because of the virus..)

    I'm quite open to buying a brand new electric car and i'd plan to keep it around 10 years or maybe more judging by how well electric cars age so far so if i can get a good discount then this could be a winner for me.
  7. Nasher


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    Buy a £100 shed now in preperation :D

    I have a 15 year old car, but its appreciating. They would have to pay me to have an EV.
  8. bloodiedathame


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    I've been holding off an expensive service for my 08 Diesel Golf for a scheme that gives me £6k for it. Cmon Bozza!
  9. Journey


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    'Most' people don't need that, only some do, again it it targeted at those that are in a position where they have a car that is old, and almost not worth bothering with due to large repair bills, or high fuel consumption, or congestion charges or other factors that are happy to 'save' money over the longer term.

    We keep some old cars running, but if I didn't happen to have a mechanic in the family who runs their own garage that does both MOT's and repairs, I wouldn't have older cars due to the high cost. That cost being the MOT's, servicing and repairs required over 10 years, along with the fuel. I could easily spend £15k just keeping a car on the road for 10 years that has naff all good about it, old safety features, poor ICE system, no sat nav worth bothering with, etc.

    You are the actual minority, if you weren't the average age of car on the UK roads over the last 20 years wouldn't be ~7.5 years old, it would be 20 years+
  10. ttaskmaster


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    You said a car, not a new car.
    But even that aside, you didn't specify whether or not you're including new cars bought for company fleets. You didn't specify whether these are actual prices paid or just what dealers are charging in the hope of making a sale, which may be important since sales are supposedly at the lowest they've been for six years.
    Looking at the range of prices given above, your £34k is toward the upper end, so unless the majority of people are buying top spec cars your stats are questionable.
    Indeed, after looking at other sources, Autoexpress has the average at £19k, while Carbuyer has it at £22k.

    So again, I'd question any such stats, especially given how many of the more popular models are below £20k still.

    But the fact remains that, as you say, the people buying new are in the minority, so those saying these cars are too expensive would therefore be the majority, not the minority.

    Targeting the minority would be pretty pointless, regardless of whether they want to save the environment, boost the economy or just look good with some doctored stats.
  11. D3K


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  12. Pottsey


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    I don't know about that. There are a lot of people like me who buy new or almost new cars run it for 10 to 15 years before replacing it. Unless the repair costs get high I do not tend to change very often at all.
  13. Journey


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    By definition you can't target the majority for a limited term scheme with a finite resource available for it, and once depleted then the scheme is over long before the majority would have taken advantage.

    Data is sourced from Cap HPI who exists to gather data on current, historical and residual vehicle valuations and provide data to Gov.uk and others. 2.3 million cars registered in 2019, of which the average was higher than the most popular cheaper cars. After all that is how the average is reached, it's not just taking into account your Fiesta buyers, but also the people who buy a Bugatti which offsets a huge amount of cheaper cars.

    They are in the minority, due to the fact not 'all' cars are replaced every year, DUH! ~7.5 years average age of the car over the last 20 years or thereabouts, so yes the minority will get to take advantage of this scheme.

    Have you ever bought/leased a new car in your life?
  14. sja360


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    You'll find the minority won't give a monkeys about the electric cars. But as someone else said I've also been looking at it and certainly this sways probably quite a lot of people to change to electric providing it doesn't cost them an arm and a leg still.
  15. b0rn2sk8


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    I’d be interested in this, got an old diesel hatch that I want to replace and I have made the conscious choice not to replace it until I can get a decent EV.
  16. Haggisman


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    I posted in reference to this in the other EV thread, but I think this is the wrong way to do it.

    If someone isn't already considering an EV, there are (IMO) going to be 2 main reasons - A) they just don't want one because they prefer ICE for whatever reason (e.g. the sound/smell, how they drive, etc.), or B) they don't think an EV is feasible for them, most likely due to range anxiety/lack of home charging ability.

    This money should (IMO) be invested into infrastructure to address group B above, I think that will have far more impact than appealing to the very small group of people who were already in the position of considering a new car, and were on the fence about whether to go ICE or EV. (Obviously group A is a lost cause :p)
  17. booyaka


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    100/1000's of free public chargers
  18. ShiWarrior


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    i do want an EV, but i dont buy cars with 20K
    Most i have ever spent is 5K on a car, and its still going strong after 6 years

    if i was to get an EV, id be looking around 5K+ not 20K

    its aimed at the rich again

    as poor people don't have money burning in our back pocket, nor do we want to "rent" a car
  19. ttaskmaster


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    Of course you can.
    The only limited resource is (or should be) the ICE cars they want to replace with EVs. The more people they get buying EVs, even discounted, the better off they'll be as they'll now have (a majority of) everyone on the new price plan, as well as increasing car sales and getting dirty ICEs off the road. That's when they can start implementing the new electricity taxation, the tracking, the replacement of human drivers with AI and whatever else they're planning... presumably while flogging off all the old ICE stuff overseas.
    You merely limit the scheme to however long it takes for it to start making profit, before then making it prohibitively expensive to own an ICE (via fuel tax and VED) and forcing everyone remaining to buy EVs at full price.

    Ah, so some of the same data as one of the other average car price stat claims above, then.
    But again, I ask - Are these mere valuations, asking prices of potentially unsold vehicles, or the actual prices people paid?

    If 99% of people can only afford a £1,000 car, but 1% can afford one at £1,000,000, that doesn't mean the majority can afford a £10k car.
    This is why I question such statistics.

    Who said they were? DUH!!
    Doesn't matter if this was last year, five years, or twenty years ago, those same people would quite probably still tell you £34k is too much for a car.

    You already had the answer to that.
  20. lltfdaniel

    Wise Guy

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    Oh no no folks you can buy a peel p50 electric for like £10k but i wonder if you can get the 6k discount bringing it from 10k to 4k.

    Everybody will be looking and turning heads towards you with the peel p50 electric!

    Whats not to like about this tiny run around i mean you can take it indoors with you at work so never worry about parking spaces, for example the video below but is not the peel electric though so watch the video below.

    You can also drive it indoors if you like,


    Plus everybody will be looking at you.


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