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Brexit Discussion

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by FrenchTart, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Rilot


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    With so many demonstrably false statements it's almost as if the leave campaign didn't expect to win.........
  2. garnett


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    It's nice that the forum allows embeds from twitter though - saves having to do multiple cut'n'pastes and several reformats.

    It's a shame the forum software can't scrape and parse data from urls - like WhatsApp does, for example.
  3. jas72


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    So you think having a work VISA protects you against undesirables. All you need a sponsor, quite easy to get so long as you have a relative in said country. By over regulating immigration you encourage black work and illegals working in shoddy conditions. Not that they don't exist already.
    I'm very much pro-remain and not a Liam Fox fan but that first points is absolutely correct, it's the UK Gov that has miserably failed to get any type of cosensus for anything. Didn't the parliament vote down EVERY single proposal tabled by MPs thus leading to a parliamentary impasse.

    There is nothing worse than your democratically elected MPs abstaining. This is a dereliction of their democratic mandate.
  4. FoxEye


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    Yeah if anyone thinks the current bunch of Labour MPs are anything but self-serving chameleons then, well, just lol. For the most part, anyhow. I'm sure there are some who genuinely have ideals and beliefs. But the ones you get to hear from in the media would run on a BNP manifesto if they thought it would get them elected... (slight exaggeration but you get the point).
  5. Murphy

    Wise Guy

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    So with Boris saying the Irish border problem can be solved during the implementation period why does he have a problem with the backstop, if he's so confident it can be solved then there'll be no need for the backstop so why not agree to it.

    All I've taken away from last nights 'leaders debate' is that all of the potentials for our new PMs just seem to be saying their going to do what's already been tried, i was expecting the true leavers would come up with something new but it seems, despite all the moaning from leave supporters, that even the two guys who lead the leave campaign have no idea what to do next other than do what Mrs May has been doing.

    With the exception of Rory they all seem to be saying we'll leave without a deal and this time we really, really, mean it.
  6. String


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    All I've taken away from last night is that Rory Stewart must have an extra limb. I hope he and Theresa May never attempt a Pasa Doble on Strictly Come Dancing when their careers finally die - it would be like watching Bert and Mary Poppins have a scuffle in a prosthetics shop.
  7. footman


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    It's the Article 24 bit that constantly annoys me, the ERG appear to have started this nonsense without seemingly ever read it and so many brexiters have fallen for it. The EU, the UK government and a host of trade experts have repeatedly said it does not apply to our situation. That makes Boris either a liar, a fool or a liar and a fool.
  8. joey1211


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    Isolationism never ends well
  9. Werewolf


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    And good luck with the economy if we decided we wanted absolutely nothing to do with the EU, which is what that nonsense is basically suggesting, as to trade with the EU we'd have to agree to certain standards, the same as with any country...

    Whenever I see rubbish like that tweet I remember that we in the UK, as part of the EU played a much larger role in setting up those rules than our size as a country would suggest.
    IIRC many of the more basic EU trade and safety rules are pretty much what we already had but were adopted as official standards.

    Also I love the idea of getting the EU out of the BBC, given it has nothing to do with the BBC (except for the way the BBC doesn't just report Farage's version of reality, which is somewhere around 90 degrees offset from what is real), about the only place the EU has in the BBC is in technical standards agreements, and oddly enough the BBC is one of the biggest broadcasters in regards to helping set them up so that they work and UK transmissions don't interfere with EU ones (and the other way round), and that equipment bought in one country will work in another, which is one of the big reasons TV prices dropped with digital TV etc*.

    Only the delusional, gullible and idiots think that international trade etc doesn't require making deals that don't just favour one side entirely.

    Mind you I can see why many of the funders of UKIP and the BXP would like the EU out of our banking system (even if it killed our banking system as an international industry), given how many of them just happen to be in the line for scrutiny about their off shore tax affairs once the new EU banking rules come into force, not to mention the money some of them have tied up in countries under EU sanctions.

    Just looking at the username from that tweet or whatever it was, and it screams bot, or at least someone who didn't understand/care enough to make a username that was both unique and not completely obviously computer generated, it reminds me of many of the bots that try to sign up on here ;)

    *As a combination of hardware getting cheaper, and the "national" standards which often mean a set from one country would not easily work in another were dropped or incorporated into an EU standard so the same set would reliably work in any country in the EU (so no making sets with hardware specifially for one small country).
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  10. chrcoluk


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    I would be on the dole if I cut ties with the EU given 90% of my clients are in the EU. Some people are delusional as if they think the EU is some kind of leech from the mighty british empire or something.
  11. Quartz


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    That sucks. A lot of pro-Brexit folks accept that there will be disruption and change in the short term but think that the UK will benefit in the longer term.
  12. Dj_Jestar


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    and very importantly, think it will only affect others. Other people will need to take a hit for Brexit to be a success. According to them, it either a) can't get any worse for themselves or b) think it's only going to hurt the foreigners.
  13. VincentHanna


    Joined: Jul 30, 2013

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    Unfortunately what they "think" might happen at some undisclosed point in the "longer term" is going to have real consequences for actual people, now and for many years to come.
  14. Screeeech


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    I was thinking the exact same thing myself, and it's a terrible problem we have in todays world. People are so quick to read something - take it on board and distribute it, even when in many cases it's either totally fake, or has been created on purpose by somebody with ulterior motives.

    This whole thing [Brexit] feels like the end result of how an online partially-fake world of BS and lies can end up messing up perfectly decent things.

    It reminds me of Valery Legasov's speech in Chernobyl. "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth, and sooner or later the debt must be paid" and it makes me wonder exactly how we'll ultimately pay for all the lies that led to this entire nightmare.
  15. do_ron_ron


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    But, but, but Sovereignty, blue passports, something something Muslim immigrants.....
  16. chroniclard


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    Easy one, the less well off will ultimately pay the price.
  17. Mr Badger


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    Typical selfish remoaner attitude. Why should your having a job and somewhere to live be more important than my sovereignty?
  18. tamzzy


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    It's okay @chroniclard , you are acceptable collateral damage in the eyes of brexiteers advocating #nodeal

  19. chroniclard


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    Is fine, if our house(s) get repossessed we can go live with my parents.
  20. VincentHanna


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    Maybe that's the root cause of it - Old people wanting their children back home.

    Like the good old days.