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Brexit Discussion

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by FrenchTart, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. Werewolf


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    I think that's the one, from what I remember reading it commonly affects heart, lungs and retina.
  2. Murphy

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    In addition to what others have posted another of the major concerns is campylobacter, and other less serious bacteria, and the growing evidence that treating infected food with chlorine causes stress-adaption and changes that make it more resistant to antibiotics and the water used to wash them in finding it's way into drinking water.

    Some of the full studies are behind paywalls and make for pretty dry reading but if you're interested this one has been made public.
  3. Freakbro


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    According to Mrs May now in her last speech "Brexit means Brexit ..some kind of compromise..."


    Really dear, you've finally realised this just as you're walking out the door :golfclap:
  4. Btone


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    one of the biggest issues with chlorine washed meat, is that once you allow it you have no way of working out what the meat was like before hand. Brazilian company's have been caught a few time's sell meat that officially was UNFIT to eat, a quick bribe here and a quick wash with chlorine and off it goes to it victims, some of it came into the EU and was only caught because it didn't have the necessary EU paper work. Westminster will allow all this cheap food in as they need it. after all it been true from the times of the Romans (who first coined the phrase) "keep the people supplied with cheap food and entertainment and they not care what goes on in government". and so what if a few people get sick, it won't be any of the people in power who get sick and like they do in the usa, they keep youin court that long you be dead before you see a payment :(
  5. Tony Edwards


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    Poor Nigel.

    Or Neil Fromage as he should now be called. :)

  6. malachi


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    Watch some new incurable form of cancer start killing off the UK population once it starts getting into our meats.

    Well gives reason for people to turn Veggie, Vegan or whatever V is popular then.
  7. Nasher


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    Sounds more like ironic humour :p
  8. tbh

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    I was veggie for 6 years and have been giving serious consideration to being so again, this certainly adds to my reasons for doing so.

    I've also switched from being a remainer to being a leaver, leaving the UK that is; I have most of my money in cash or highly liquid assets, and am now trying to decide whether I should move to Canada or Norway since I have family in both and frankly I suspect I would have a much better life in either than a post-Brexit UK.
  9. Monkeynut


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    I hope the V that is popular then is V for Vendetta.
  10. Mr Badger


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  11. StriderX


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    That magical British talent is now seen as dementing failure by the rest of the world's establishment figures, that should prove to anything that we've lost the facade of professionalism, not just in the open, but behind closed doors.

    Everyone will now be on the opposite side with an implicit knowledge that we're useless idiots desperate not to look like such.
  12. JRS


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    10 things that stopped Brexit happening.

    Some interesting stuff and observations in there and in the link that @Mr Badger posted. Particularly the bit about the deal that Martin Selmayr offered - take five years, engage with France and Germany, see if a "new deal for Europe" can satisfy the UK and if not then start the Brexit process from there. That at least might have prevented a lot of the stupidity, unicorn hunting and ill-feeling of the last few years.
  13. Azza


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    But but but we won the war!! We'll get through this, great British perseverance, pull up your selves and get on with it, rule Britannia rah rah rah!
  14. RatmanGB


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    This is basically where my parents are at. They're not stupid or evil people but they are utterly uninterested in any information that doesn't match their feelings.
  15. iamtheoneneo


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    The BBC article is very telling. Most interesting is this:

    "Martin sort of said, 'Look, why don't we have a deal whereby we just put all this on ice for five years?'

    "Let's see how things go, let's get the UK involved with France and Germany, let's see how the dust settles and let's talk about whether we can come to a new deal for Europe.'"

    Absolutely insane that no-one on the UK side even entertained this motion.
  16. Steampunk


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    They were all snatching for power, money and advantage, rather than looking out for the country or it's citizens.
  17. JRS


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    They were too busy appealing to and appeasing the headbangers (ERG, UKIP, UKIP 2.0, the Kate Hoeys in Labour etc). Not one single person actually in a position to do anything stood up and said "no, how about we do what's best for the country instead of doing what will let us cling to power with our greasy mitts for another six minutes?" :mad:
  18. jpaul


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    This seems, again, divisive by the BBC the interview was 2 months ago .. Barnier's opinion does have some weight on uk opinion, and the 'candidates' proposals,
    but the BBC drip feed this into the national news agenda.
  19. Nitefly

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    Interesting commentary on the financial implications:



    That Rees-Mogg comment is nuts!
  20. platypus


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    It's an interesting read - but for me the most pertinent point is this one:
    There are many reasons that Brexit came about, but if you look at the history of it, it only really started to gain momentum, ie the parasites in favour of it only really started to actively campaign for the referendum when the EU rejected TTIP.

    Brexit is run by profiteers who want to sell off every last thing to the US market.