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Bristol ridge light gaming

Discussion in 'Small Form Factor' started by Freebird101, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Freebird101


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    Started a thread here https://forums.overclockers.co.ukthis moment in time./threads/htpc-and-game-streamer.18787571/
    regarding build a HTPC that can handle modern games at mid-low settings at around 720p, but figured this might be a better place for feed back on the case in particular.

    Originally was thinking of going the g4560 + 1050ti route, but then found out Bristol ridge is finally getting a retail release and figured though lacking less grunt it would probably serve in the mean time and be future proof with the am4 socket. (as an aside do folks reckon it would provide more grunt than the current I7-3520M and geforce 640m LE my current laptop has?)

    Gone through a few changes of heart in regards to case, originally looking at expensive cases with touchscreen displays already fitted but due to the large footprint thinking an MITX case with a jury rigged USB touchscreen would fit my purposes better. Been very tempted by Streacoms passive cases as they look like they would handle the 65W APU but they seem a little beyond what I can afford at time.
    Just spotted this https://www.overclockers.co.uk/in-win-bq656-usb3.0-mini-itx-case-120w-power-supply-ca-063-iw.html after looking at the similar Chopin model, but the lower cost, option of an optical drive and a VESA to make fitting the drive makes this seem a shoe in, and could get me by until I can afford to throw money at carving up a Streacom DB4 to fit my needs.

    Anyone have any experience with this case or thoughts on this plan especially in regards to the power supply, and keeping the case as quiet as possible while still effectively cooling it?



    Joined: Apr 25, 2017

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    Location: london

    ISNT THE BRISTOL RIDGE just throwing good money away, if you are going to upgrade v. soon? Also it will probably be a bit of a heat monster as AMD up the freq to wring every last drop of performance from a dead arch. the inetl +1050ti at least has the ability to be sold on or used elsewhere .. whereas the minute zen APU's appear your BR will be dog-dirt.
    The streacom cases look fantatsic, in-win are making nice designs, lian li q04 etc , dan Ncase m1 .
    Get a low profile 1050ti as that may have better re-sale value .....
  3. samcat

    Wise Guy

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    Streacom cases are fantastic, I have/have had the F1c, Fc5 and Fc8 over the years and all are superb.
    Intel T class (35w) processors just tick along and barely get it warm.. 65w intel cpus work but it (F5c) gets toasty, needs to be able to breath so NOT in a cupboard and with some room above/to the side for convection to do its thing.
    Be aware that an intel 65w TDP and an AMD 65w TDP are different beasts, AMD 65w TDP seems to generate quite a lot more heat and struggles in this setup (yes, I have been there, done that, got the tshirt)

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