BT hell

23 Jan 2006
welly welly well well. I am struggling here a bit.

not sure if anyone will be any help. but thought I might as well post...seeing as BT havent even listened :)

I moved into a house this week (purchase went through friday)

I phoned BT around 2-3 weeks ago to discuss using their phone service (and of course to end up with ADSL24 or titan as an ADSL provider, kindly recommended by the people on this board)

after 40 minutes going through the setup process (there is already a phone line there) i left the call with 1/2 a reference number (their line cut off) and the assumption that they would do something.

since then neither my old or new address has received any correspondance from them.

the last 2 days I have totted up around 2 hours on hold to try and get hold of customer service or the technical service department to see what is going on.

as we all know, without a phone number I cant get ADSL :)

so I have complained using the online form.

has anyone else had to battle with BT to get access to their phone service, or am I really doing something wrong?

very tempted to just scrap it and go with virgin, but I have just taken delivery of a netgear N modem/router and USB combo from OCuk.
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