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Budget card problems [GT430/Sapph 4850x2]

5 Dec 2011
Hi guys.

Wondering if anyone can figure this out, maybe I'm just being stupid here.

So I had a pretty naff PC, running a GT430 2gb. Got given a Sapphire 4850x2 3gb while being under the impression that this SHOULD be an upgrade, albiet a minor one.

After installing it and the drivers (I didn't do a clean of the old Nvidia drivers, didn't know that I should have, but new card seems to be running fine) and booting up a game I was surprised to find out that its running at a significantly worse fps. Tested Super Street fight 4 and Battlefield 3, both games that I was running at playable fps (SF never dropped below 56fps and BF3 was... playable at around 30fps) before hand now chug along with this new card.

At first I was checking GPU-Z and finding that Street fighter was trying to run on a single GPU even though Crossfire was activated and enabled so went off to find a way of activating it, sure that this was my problem. After eventually getting that working, there still wasn't much of a difference.

Battlefield 3 is running at 10fps.

Is the Sapphire HD 4850x2 a significantly worse card than the Nvidia GT430 2gb? Or am I missing something here?

For info purposes, I've installed the latest ATI drivers and CAT profile.

Specs (Duff PC expose time)

Mobo: P5NE-SLi
CPU: Pentium Dual-Core CPU E6500 @ 2.9GHz
Ram: 4gb
O/S: Win7 32bit
Running Dual Monitor set up

Only thing I can think of is it being something to do with the Nvidia drivers still being there but that seems unlikely.

Any help would be great guys.
5 Dec 2011
And in another twist, ran two instances of GPU-Z in the background while playing BF3.

Neither GPUs are budging past 5%, mostly staying at 0% while CPU is being beasted at around 90-99% usage.

Am I getting bottlenecked to hell and back here?
16 Jun 2007
Try just a single card, and personally when I go from nvidia to ati, and vice versa its a new install of windows for me. Always.