Build Me A Gaming Rig? 4k Budget!

14 Dec 2020
Can someone lay out a high end gaming build for me? Something that'll last me a good few years without upgrades preferably. If it can be built by the same people hosting this forum, all the better!

I don't care about fancy lighting or showy stuff, I want function over form.

Something that can be overclocked.

I don't like liquid cooling, but if its self-contained then that's fine I guess.

Must be at least 32 gigs in ram, 2 TB boot with at least 4 TB storage (I have several externals storage disks so that's no issue)

Also, looking for recommendations of a decent gaming monitor.

All told, for the PC build and monitor, I'm trying to stay within or under a budget of £4000 while still seeking maximum performance and moderate future proofing.

17 May 2012
At that price you might want to specify what type of games you want to play the most, even if you spend 1K plus on a monitor you might find yourself making compromises between say size and refresh rate vs image quality.
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