Built in Nav/Radio Units

25 Jul 2003
Spent ages trying to find a car that ticket a long list of criteria, anyway we recently bought a Peugeot 308 SW (super exciting I know!).

It came with a built in computer/screen for satnav, media player etc. The maps are a few years old, and whilst Peugeot offer more up to date maps (€160), I'm not particularly keen on the nav software, or the screen interface, the Bluetooth is also of questionable quality (works but I'm told that the voice clarity is not good).

How easy/is it possible to upgrade this? If the satnav isn't changeable (it displays the next direction on the onboard computer underneath the odometer and one of the stalk controls) I guess I'll get used to it rather than changing to garmin or the like.

I'd also like a dab radio/cd changer but the official ones offered are super expensive. I presume whilst these are upgradeable they might well need additional stalk controls or at least need them upgrading?

Last thing I want to be doing is taking it to Halfrauds and letting them loose on it only to bugger things up and lose functionality.
7 Dec 2011
It's possible to go aftermarket but it won't be cheap and will never look quite right in the likes of a 308. Anything that looks close to stock will be a small fortune (think dynavin and usually £600+)

Tbh the best thing to do is probably live with what you've got
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