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buying new setup tomorow need help.

28 Nov 2004
hi again.
im buying my new setup tomorow and need some advice before i spend loads.
i have worked out the monitors im buying. its the dell 22 inch Dell UltraSharp 2209WA 22 . im getting 3 of them for 5040by1050 resloution.
using matrox tripple head to go digital edition.
i already have a asus ramapge extreme 2 mobo 6 gig memory 2000 mhz and i7 cpu . the graphic cards im looking @ is 2x nvidia 295. or 3x nvidia 285. or 3x nivdia 275. i have the coolmaster truepower 1kw psu. will this be storng enought to run any set of them cards. and what cards would u recomend. was going to get 2x 295 but few ppl said 3x 275 will be as fast. i dont really know please help. before i spend all my cash. ;)
7 Feb 2008
275 SLi = 295
295 SLi > 275 tri SLi
285 SLi > 275 SLi
295 SLi ~ 285 tri SLi

You may need more power for quad SLi to be safe, 1000w should be fine for tri SLi 285 however.

I think tri SLi 285s are edging the quad SLi 295 in most cases apart from synthetic benchmarks.

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