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Cal-up system

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shelster, 29 May 2006.

  1. Shelster

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    Hey ho all.

    Was just wondering if anyone has any electronic plans or links to a 'geek' site that can fulfill my needs.

    In work we have a lounge that only members of that lounge can use. When in there if any one wants us tyhey have to knock on the door and someone goes and answers. (how traditional).

    The way we would like to have it is that ther will be a list of all those people who can be in there outside, with a corresponding number to their name. When someone wants somebody they dial the number on a set of thumbwheels (or key it into a pad) and then press a call button. Inside the lounge, a buzzer will sound and the number will be displayed on 7 segment LED's. Then depending uponi whether they are in or not, a reply is sent to the person at the door, green lamp if they are in (and so they wait) and red if they are not (so they clear off).

    Does anyone have any circuit diagrams of how to build this system?

    TVM to all
  2. Andy100

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    Why not just use a regular intercom and magnetic door locking system?

    If someone has to reply to the numbered input it'd be just as easy for them to answer a phone and say whether someone's in or not surely.