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Call of Duty 2

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Velocity, 31 May 2006.

  1. Velocity

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    I am starting to work my way through the veteran levels I'm sure I will come up against many controller smashing moments however do you have any hints and tips for those who have braved it?

    Also If i just play throught he whole single player again on veteran I take it, it will unlock the single mission 60 point achievments aswell?

  2. AdWright

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    If you finish the game on Veteran, you unlock all of the achievements, =1000points!

    You will have to earn them though - I found Hill 400 pretty damn hard.

    My advice is to use cover as much as possible, but keep forging ahead - this game is very good at keeping battles going until you do something about it!

    Don't want to spoil too much though
  3. McManicMan


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    lol, tell me about it, just started the single player campaign myself on Vet, all i can say is OMG with a F in the middle, this babe is a toughie, just started the beach invasion!
  4. Manlove is my forte


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    use your grenades both smoke and frag as often as possible.

    Always advance, as you can probably tell the enemy never stop comming.

    Be careful, there is always one around the corner or behind that bit of rubble

    Do not shoot your allies

    Be patient it is frustrating dieing continiously but thats war.

    Early on in the game you can rely on your allies to help you, but do not make the mistake of thinking they are any good in the later levels.

    As part of the war effort the Germans developed a way to get half the population of Germany into a single detached house.

    keep behind cover.

    be prepared to die a lot.
  5. Phate


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    sound advice there ^ :D

    when i got it my collegue advised that the game becomes an entirely new/better game on verteran so it was suggested that i start off playing on veteran.

    man i am glad.

    some advice/tips:

    never think that you have killed all the enemys in a building trust me there are always more.

    keep pushing forwards as the game will always be trying to push you back/hold you in one position.

    use smoke grenades - i found by using them effectively i could actually get 1UP on the game :D but not that often lol.

    Never underestimate any enemy they will shoot for the head and therefore you need to learn to aim and hit the head on a moving target (you pick it up pretty fast)

    alternate your weapons snipers with machine guns etc, never try to use the same gun for everything.

    the american missions are HARD

    be prepared to get yelled at by your mum at 3am to goto bed where you've just died for the 100th time on that level your so badly trying to do before you goto bed!

    have fun :)
  6. Kainz


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    Everyone will find their own problematic moments on vet mode.

    I think my worst was on the Stalingrad mission where you need to blow up a tank that is circling a square, at the same time you're facing a good few waves of german soldiers coming at you. I spent a solid 4 DAYS on that level before I could scout out other checkpoints where I could attack that damn tank. Then I fell into a crater, lay low and as the tank drove right over me I planted the bomb and the tank blew up...

    Another mission was Assault on Matmata or something (don't have cod2 anymore). The opening scene where your convoy is ambushed by a bomb and you're attacked from both sides by soldiers on rooftops. What a nightmare that opening scene was :/

    Lastly, a map where you're holed up in some german HQ and you need to go out and take out a tank. The tank is just beyond a broken wall, so you need to climb over, shoot a few soldiers and run upto the tank to place the charge.... :(

    My advice:
    1. As Phate said, keep pushing forward as you'll get a new checkpoint which pushes your whole offensive squad forward a bit.

    2. Take your time, obviously you can't charge in. Vet mode is basically a one man war - ALL the enemy will be gunning for you and you only most of the time.

    3. Learn to use smoke grens effectively. These things are a lifesaver and I found myself running out of them at the worst times.

    4. Patience is key. The Silo map is where you need it as you'll be clearing 4 buildings of soldiers. The enemy is tightly nestled in on the top floor of most of these buildings, and each building is well designed for them to defend in. Sometimes you'll need to wait on the ground floor and plan your attack carefully as you approach each room above.

    Vet mode was tedious enough to put me off the whole game, and I sold it once I got my points. It's not hard, it's just plain tedious. This game will wii you off like no other. See what I did there, I put wii instead of wee like! :D
  7. Elrein

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    Two Very good quotes that need to be adhered to.

    Awesome game that needs to be played on Veteran to really see it shine.
    Last edited: 1 Jun 2006
  8. Velocity

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    Location: UK - Milton Keynes

    Thanks for the advice there, I managed to do the first part of Stalingrad very quickly last night in about 30mins, the tank was quite easy I thought.

    Luckily on that one if found the other checkpoints in the building so did it in a couple of go's, I had taken out all the enemys hid behind a wall and whacked a sticky bomb on the tank and legged it.

    I have completed one mission on veteran and halfway through my second, I can see me having some controller smashing moments.

    I hate it when you have what you think is everybody then you relax for a second and your dead!! :(