Calling all sound recording musicians. Simple software for my Singer/Song writer dad. We got the mic

30 Dec 2003
Hi guys. My Dad is a singer song writer and has been for years. 2 years ago i invested in a Samson USB powered mic. Set it up for him in their office. Spent a week or so learning the software that came with it. I spent time with him and went through and re-recorded some of his songs.

FAST FORWARD 2years. My dad never figured out how to use this software, and i never expect him to be able to do it unless i am sat with him.

I am now living in the usa. And i have one more day with him and i know he wont get it.

Now my question, do any of you know of a very simple and easy to use bit of software (free if possible) that i can install for my dad to use. All he wants to do is press record and go. Save his songs. Nothing facy.

Any other questions please feel free to ask!
11 Oct 2006
Hi Adam

Have you considered hiring out a local studio for him? You could assume the role of producer and offload the responsibility of engineering onto a trained professional who is familiar and comfortable with the technical operation of the studio. Consequently, your dad would be free to focus on being the artist.

Obviously, if you guys are simply demoing the songs then Audacity would have been my first recommendation.

Failing that if you have a Mac to hand Garageband is meant to be good (although oddly enough it confuses me way more than it's bigger brother Logic which I use professionally everyday!).

Good luck with the session!
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