Camera and good photography apps

9 Jan 2005
What is the best mobile at the moment apart from calls and texts if taking photos is the next selling point. I am waiting for Galaxy S3 but Spec isn't the be end all. I'm constantly pulling my phone out to take pictures.

I've learned from experience that Blackberry phones are the worse phones for everything apart from maybe text messaging.

I Also know Megapixels don't mean anything if the camera and software sucks. For e.g. Nokia like high Megapixels but the phones still take **** photos. I've had my eye on the new Sony Xperia S but I thought I'd be better off listening to folks that know a lot more about these thing. (You folks) :D
1 Apr 2010
South Shields
Instagram has nice filters, available for both iOS and Android now I think.

There are quite a few for iOS. However I don't really use Android unless I'm tinkering with my old SGS2 (now owned by my brother).

I always thought Nokia's took pretty decent pictures to be honest.

When using my old SGS2, the colours were fantastic, the iPhone 4S is decent enough for a quick snapper and with accessories like the Olloclip, you can use it for general use photography but not really professional stuff. It has a Fisheye lens, a macro lens and a wide-angled lens, which clips onto the iPhone 4/4S body where the camera is, it's pretty nice in my opinion, pricey though.

Personally, I'd wait for the SGS3, as the press leaks and what not look impressive, I loved the feel and the design of the Galaxy Nexus too.