Can i ask for a new one ?

13 Sep 2009
I thought i had solved my laptop running very slow on "balanced" power saving. But still same, videos are stop & start(not just hd normal video) & having more than two windos open, can make the computer lock. I have done 3 new installs of vista, but still same problem.

Ive just ran computer on battery, and battery has run out in about 20 minutes. Which is not right, should at very least get a hour.

Do i have any right to ask for replacement. Was ordered in march from *m*zon, is a Acer laptop.

At very least i should get a free battery replacement, with it still being in warranty? Would i have any right to ask for a new laptop? this one does not feel right at all ive had many laptops, should not be like this after only 4-5 months.
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