Can my a8n32-sli-deluxe run quad graphics?

24 Sep 2006
I have an "A8N32-SLI-DELUXE" motherboard in my user guide it says it doesn't support quad graphics but i've just read a review that says it can

"Pros: Runs my quad SLI cards with no problems, Once everything is set up there are no cons anymore.

Cons: All/most of the connections are by the PCI card slots, and with me running Quad SLI video cards it took almost 3 days to get everything to work/connected how i wanted. the cards cover all the slots and leaves only 1 slot open for add ons."

Does anybody know if it really can if so is it really compicated to do so!

thanks (I know this will be hard for anyone to answer if they don't have the motherboard)
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