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Can Police Cars Give A Speeding Ticket?

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Rebecca Foster, 18 Oct 2021.

  1. Rebecca Foster


    Joined: 18 Oct 2021

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    Location: London

    Hi all, I was driving the other day, I was doing (not proud to say) 30 in a 20, on the other side of the road stuck in traffic was a police car. As I drove past it and looked in rear mirror, it suddenly turned it blue lights on, but it didn't turn in the road to follow me, I didn't see them again. Will a police car stuck in traffic send me a speeding ticket in the post?
  2. Housey

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 21 Feb 2006

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    And another...
  3. ICDP


    Joined: 30 Dec 2011

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    Location: Belfast

    They do have dahscams but I would say more than likely it was a warning flash. Put the fear into you so to speak.
  4. Nasher


    Joined: 22 Nov 2006

    Posts: 22,016

    They would have stopped you.
  5. Uther


    Joined: 16 Jun 2005

    Posts: 17,375

    Slow the **** down.
  6. AndrewNR


    Joined: 18 Aug 2011

    Posts: 2,700

    Location: Norfolk

    Yes, these days they prosecute based on assumptions.
  7. dLockers


    Joined: 21 Jan 2010

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    A jury formed of your peers went out of the window given the positive attention the folk who dragged Insulate Britain off of the motorway got.
  8. Nasher


    Joined: 22 Nov 2006

    Posts: 22,016

    Should have given them a good kicking at the same time :p
  9. tom_e

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 26 Dec 2003

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    Location: Shropshire

    Child killer! Twenty is plenty!
  10. Malevolence


    Joined: 21 Oct 2011

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    Location: .... . .-. .

    30 in a 20? Jesus Christ, that's like 50% over the actual limit. Don't they just automatically come around and load your motor on the low loader and take it away for crushing rather than issuing a ticket?
  11. Mr Badger


    Joined: 27 Dec 2009

    Posts: 9,713

    For someone capable of doing 30 in a 20 they won't take the risk of trying to just arrest him in the street. He can expect to be woken at 6am when armed police kick his door in for a dawn raid. Top Tip: Stay down once you have been tasered - don't give them an excuse to use actual bullets.
  12. Rannoch


    Joined: 15 Apr 2012

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    Location: Rannoch

    These hit n run threads
  13. TheVoice


    Joined: 15 Aug 2005

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    Location: Glasgow

    Most don't.
  14. MissChief


    Joined: 17 Jul 2010

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    Oh won’t you think of the children?!