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Canon Pixma iP7250 Straight after changing Black ink cartridge, no black at all printing.

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Paul Spittlehouse, Oct 6, 2019.

  1. Paul Spittlehouse


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    I have a Canon Pixma iP7250 which I have never had any problems with. Recently I'd not used the printer for about two months, I was moving house and it was all boxed up but stored the right way up. Anyway about two weeks ago I plugged the printer in and did a couple of test print pictures which came out perfectly. Anyway a couple of the inks, including both blacks and yellow I think, but DEFINITELY black as here in lies the problem, needed changing as they were running low (this hadn't effected the quality of the two test prints I'd done).

    I had a box of brand new inks, compatibles which I've used since day one of using the printer, actually they weren't brand new they were about two months old. After doing the appropriate ink changes I thought things would be fine so i just printed a picture but it came out with none of the black from the cartridge used for printing pictures not text, outlines etc. So I did a deep nozzle clean or whatever its called and when i printed the test page all the lines were solid but the black, nothing what so ever, not even a little smudge. I went to a shop near me that does compatibles and bought a couple, got home feeling great, put one in, the exact same thing, no black at all.

    Can someone PLEASE help me but when it come to printers I'm no expert (as in going inside them) but any help at all would be massively appreciated.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, Paul. X
  2. marcus_667

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    did you pull the tape off the top of the new cart correctly ?
  3. Paul Spittlehouse


    Joined: Jun 28, 2018

    Posts: 3

    Yes mate, I've been using printers and multi inks for years so its not that, plus I tried 3 different inks from the parcel then went and bought aa couple and got the same result. I've only had the printer just over a year, I've mainly used Epsons in the past. Can companies like Canon put hidden software in that makes it so after so many changes it 'freezes' if you don't use their product? I was thinking of buying one black ink off Amazon see if it works and kick starts it back into life. Its mad though cos when I put a black ink in it shows up on the ink levels as full?
  4. b00merang69

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    Technical they could update the firmware to stop compatibles workings and I actually got a new Firmware update a few week back which is only the 2nd since it was new but it still works on Comp Carts.

    A while back Canon did do something to stop a lot of them working (some random page I seen on Google link but did not read it fully).

    I know on my Pixma MG7150 Series you cannot mix legit Canon Cart with Compat Carts, you need to swap them all at same time.
  5. Seearbe


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    I had this with my printer. Just blank pages with compatable cartridges - black and colour. Then updated the firmware again at the weekend and we're printing again. Worth having another look.
  6. RussD


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    Take out the cartridges..Take out the Print head, put some warm water from boiled kettle in a shallow dish. put print head in water to cover bottom. Do NOT get the rear chips wet.
    Use a Syringe and put some warm tepid water in them and Flush out. When finished shake and dry thoroughly. Put back into printer, insert carts and do a clean, maybe twice, sometimes three times. Do a print check after first clean etc etc. If carts are full, should tell you in the Printer Preferences, all should be Ok, if not, replace cart.