Can't Un-install my XFi fatal1ty soundcard?

4 Aug 2005
ok guys since my recent upgrade to conroe, when ever i try to shut down my computer i get the error saying "EAX Module" end now so i end it and comp shuts down fine, now when i'm playing cs 1.6 i get a constant 99fps which is excellent but i get the most annoying spikes in it for no reason and they aren't graphics spikes! so i'm guessing it must be something to do with my xfi, so i tried to uninstall it and the removal just freezes so i have to go into task manager where it says the uninstall it still running fine (not "not responding") and end the programme that way, it also says my comp is running at 0% when i'm doing the uninstall which is impossible! so in simple how the hell can i uninstall the xfi card? or is there any other explanation for the spikes when in game?
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