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Car Breakdown Cover - RAC

Discussion in 'Motors' started by SkidMarkKing, 14 Oct 2021.

  1. MissChief


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    Without quibble or complaint? Seems fantastic if that’s the case!
  2. DarkBahamut


    Joined: 24 Mar 2011

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    I would say it possibly somewhat 'normal' - surprisingly! I didn't use Autoaid but I took out some European breakdown cover for a roadtrip holiday once. Car below a hole in its intercooler in the middle of Europe and went into limp mode, and being a diesel it started to very quick lunch its DPF too. I managed to drive myself to a local dealer but they were struggling to find the root cause and we were 2 days from driving home. A call to our cover got us a taxi arranged to a local hotel from the garage, 2 nights in said hotel, flights booked for myself & the other half and all our luggage back home, a taxi to the airport, a hire car from the airport we landed at so we could get ourselves home and they arranged recovery of my car from Italy back to my local dealer in the UK.

    I think I paid around £30 for that cover and the total claim was close to 3 grand all in. They didn't bat an eyelid. Was genuinely quite shocked at how relatively easy it was handled.
  3. bazzabear


    Joined: 2 Nov 2013

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    Yep. I was very pleased. The hotel cost being covered was a nice surprise. I saw a mention that it could be covered so asked them about it. They asked if I would have been staying at a hotel that night anyway and I replied (truthfully) that while we had been staying in hotels as we drove across Europe, that night we had been due to stay at my sisters house in Austria. They immediately said they would cover it then. I think I had to send them a receipt and that was it done.
  4. Blackjack Davy


    Joined: 16 Aug 2009

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    I used to be with AA they get you in with a low price and when it comes to renewal its double the price, used to cancel before and open a new account each year but got tired of that especially when I actually needed them they basically said they were too busy to come out (I mean what the **** am I paying you for then?!)

    Been with Autoaid since or is it green flag? I've forgotten, either way its not the AA.
  5. Mysterae_

    Wise Guy

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    I kicked the RAC to the kerb earlier this year because they upped the price to over £260 and wouldn't haggle. They have few recovery vans in my area so use local recovery firms as I discovered when the undertray fell down on the other half's car. They did provide a discount ages ago when they she broke down and left her stranded in 0c weather for 3 hours, I managed to get to her quicker 60 miles away! The discount wasn't offered, I had to complain first.

    With the AA now at £14pm but haven't used them yet. AutoAid sounds like a great option but I opted for the bigger company because of their reach. If the AA up the price next year I'll try out AutoAid.
  6. LizardKing


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    My insurance company, cost ~£25 on top of the premium for the year, seemed stupid not to and more so considering i've since had to use it, local firm (CMG, same guy who was on the tv show about rescues not long back, useless bit of info there!) came out and recovered the car no problem. Pretty sure it was AXA rescue.
    Gotta watch the wording as they may not all include services you'd expect ie actual recovery just road side assistance.
  7. cjgardens

    Wise Guy

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    Nationwide flex plus account. Thank me later
  8. Howard


    Joined: 12 Jul 2007

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    I use Start Rescue. It's about £20 a year for me, for nationwide roadside and recovery and home start. The AA and RAC just seem massively overpriced to me, while resting on their laurels as the 'traditional' breakdown companies.

    A few people made the valid point in a similar thread a while ago that you might as well just stick a couple of hundred quid away and be ready to spend that on an instant callout fee as a new customer on the offchance that you ever need it, but I figured £20 a year is bugger all for peace of mind.
  9. The Running Man


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    Pretty sure mine came free with the rac basic package on my insurance renewal.

    No way I'd be paying £200 a year for it wow.
  10. Haze


    Joined: 10 Jan 2007

    Posts: 3,871

    How many times have you used them? Seems like a mugs game unless you drive crazy miles, have you add up how much you have spent in your life time on this service? And then compare what it would cost you to call someone out once in a blue moon
  11. Haggisman


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    Location: Birmingham

    Conversely, if you're limited to RAC/AA vans and there are none nearby then you're in for a long wait, whereas the smaller companies who subcontract to local firms might well have someone closer.
  12. ShortWarning


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    I'm with RAC (through my bank) and the wait times I have always been terrible. Once 7+ hours once 4+ hours. If it wasn't free through my bank I'd be going with someone else.
  13. MissChief


    Joined: 17 Jul 2010

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    Given the complexity of modern cars and many not even carrying a spare tyre having some sort of breakdown cover is almost required unless you want to be stranded and have to sign up on the spot for hundreds of pounds.
  14. Haze


    Joined: 10 Jan 2007

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    Not needed one for 25 years....