Car troubles

25 Aug 2005
Last May, my car window regulator broke, and so I took it into a garage to get repaired. Whilst it was with them, the cam belt tensioner broke and cause £1400 of damage to the head. £1000 of which I managed to get back from my warranty cover (RAC).
Ever since I have been loosing a fair bit of oil, so I took it back and asked them to look into it (informing them I had had it serviced and the person who serviced it said the rocker cover was leaking the oil). They had the car for a day and said they could not find an oil leak and the engine area was "dry".
So, very annoyed at the service I keep getting from this garage (in Nottingham) I took it to a VW garage in St. Albans (near where I work) and asked them to look at it. Now, I know I'm paying far too much, but at least they seem to know what they are doing and have got back to me with ;
"The rocker cover doesn't seem to have been sealed properly and oil is leaking into your spark plug wells".
Now this has annoyed me even more because the garage in Nottingham said they couldn't find a leak. Where do I stand with this legally? I have told the VW garage to fix it (going to cost around £300).
It's not a massive amount I guess, but it's so annoying that the Nottingham garage said there wasn't a problem.

So what can I do about it? if anything?
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