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Carcassonne-Big Box 6

Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by Droolinggimp, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Droolinggimp


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    The wife and decided to treat ourselves to a new game yesterday. It was a toss up between Arkham Horror, Civilisation board game, Ticket to Ride Europe or Carcassonne. The shop din't have Ticket or Civ in and we decided to opt for Carcassonne.

    No regrets. Very easy to learn. Quick games -circa 40-50 mins for our first game the other two games were quicker.

    We played the first game with just the base. Second we added the River starting tiles which made starting off much more fun and tactical. The 3rd game we introduced the Abbots and the large Meeple. The Abbot and the inclusion of gardens really beef up scoring. I think the next time we will add a couple other expansions to the mix, can never have enough tiles.

    10/10 for our 2 player games. We are arranging a gaming day in a few Fridays time with a couple of friends and I can see this bad boy getting played. Games with scoring tend to be more fun.

    We also (wife and I) are getting into these so called Euro games. After playing games now for just over a year we got Agricola and that being a mid Euro game we found it great, adding this to the mix is making us head towards a collection of other Euro games. There are so many to choose from and after looking at most of them they are all slightly different and not to similar so variety is key here.

    Any recommendations on other games similar to Agricola and Carcassonne that we may like.
  2. Tobywon


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    consider getting the tower expansion, adds a nice threat or having meeple removed, and ghost meeple for more tactical placement.

    Majesty, is another game from the same creaters, its worth a play, different game style but great fun, works well from 2-4 people.

    for just 2 people look at 7 Wonders Duel.
  3. HungryHippos


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    For 3 or 4 people, Isle of Skye is good, as is Kingdomino (and this one very reasonably priced).

    Splendor could be worth a look but not my fav game, maybe as I never win :(