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Carrie Fisher - Heart Attack - Now deceased

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sonea Fifer, Dec 23, 2016.

  1. shaank

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    live long and prosper
  2. Emlyn_Dewar


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    I'm a bad person for laughing! :p
  3. jumpy


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    hope she does ok, I remember watching the first uk tv airing of star wars (a new hope) and seeing her in that white dress thing and my adolescent self going 'ok, well that is ineresting ...'
    carrie fisher - the fist time I noticed 'women' as something important to pay attention to.
  4. LoadsaMoney


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    Sad news :(
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  5. Ceryndrion


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    Statement from her mother says that her condition is now stable, and they will let people know if anything changes..

    So thats good.. I think
  6. sunama


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    If she was not breathing for 10 minutes, am I right in thinking that brain damage is almost a certainty? If so, a full recovery looks unlikely.

    I hope she makes it.
    I was looking through the George Michael thread, when Carrie Fisher's name came up.
  7. Dis86


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    Saying she's in a stable condition now. Could be positive.
  8. Participant


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  9. Jokester


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    If CPR was being administered during those 10mins then the risk of brain damage is greatly reduced.
  10. DailyGeek


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    Pretty high likelihood of multiple broken ribs though. Ouch.
  11. robin66

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    I'm happy to hear that.

    I hope she pulls through this.
  12. Craig1981


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  13. NexusK


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    That doesn't really tell us anything though, it could just mean she's stable on life support, which is more than likely after a cardiac arrest.
  14. diamount


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    I doubt her mother would report on anything if her condition was that serious.
  15. dowie


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    yup, fingers crossed... especially hopeful as it was thankfully a medically trained person on board
  16. MatsyLR


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    Non of you even know her....why getting so worked up...
    Do you feel bad for the person who just died...and this one...and that one...oh another every single second?
  17. Minstadave


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    Not at all a certainty.

    I've had people back after 90 mins of CPR without lasting injury.

    The adult guys do head cooling/body cooling too which has improved their outcomes.

    With really effective CPR like with the thumper robot thing people have started to regain consciousness despite not having a beating heart.
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  18. Dis86


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    I know a guy who worked on his own dad for forty minutes. Recovered with no lasting damage at all.
  19. CaptainComedy

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    It's Princess ******* Leia. And this is a geek forum.
  20. ZeroG


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    Loving that typo :)
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