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Caught speeding in Ireland in an English registered car

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Scuzi, 17 May 2006.

  1. Scuzi

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    On my last drive back home in February I was driving down the M1 towards Dublin and just after Drogheda there is a fairly new speed camera. The road is a brand new dual carraigeway, was completely empty nad it was about 6am so there was plenty of light. Conditions were excellent, dry road and good visibility. As a result of being caught behind an accident a few miles previously I was running very late for my boat so I put the foot down. I went through the Gatso doing 3 figures and was flashed. I haven't heard anything about it until now, 3 months later, where I have received a letter from the Gardai asking me for 80 Euro. Now, am I obligated to pay this? Can I just bin it and forget about it? I was under the impression that I had to receive it within 14 days, but I got this three months later on a letter dated 8th May. I do drive a lot in Ireland so I don't want it haunting me later. I'm going to eventually register my car on a Northern Irish plate so the plate may change soon. If I change the plate, can they still 'track' me (that is if they can do it in the first place).

    I'm tempted to stick two fingers up at them and throw the letter in the bin. I'm just glad they can't give me penalty points :D

    So where do I stand?

    Ta :)
  2. Spamalot


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    Not sure where you stand with that TBh, but its 80 Euros (new keyboard and no euro sign :eek: ) I would just pay it a sleep a little easyer!

    Or on the other hand if I came in a little drunk one night i might "spill" somethink on it, and wait to see if they re-send it.
  3. Psycrow


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    If I wasn't going back any time soon I'd just bin it but since you are there regularly and are planning on registering a car there, I'd just pay the fine.
  4. Toryglen-boy


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    pretty sure the 14 day rule is in effect here.

    i would wipe my smelly freckle with it and be done !!

  5. ste_bla


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    If your going to be driving there again do you want possible bother in the future?

    £50 vs Worry everytime you pass a cop car?
  6. Freefaller

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    For the sake of ~ £60 I'd probably just pay. At least you're not getting any points ;) Not sure if the same rules apply for contesting road/car fines from foreign countries.
  7. jpmonkey69


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    € = Alt-GR and 4 :)