Changing HD but very scared about messing something up.

30 Mar 2009

Well, im gonna order my HD and some other stuff today, but..

I'm quite scared of shorting out my pc or something through static shock. Do HD's get affected by static shock at all? Can i change the HD by laying the case on its side on a carpet and then taking out the SATA wire and plugging it into the new one? Is there any noob friendly guide to adding/installing a HD? xP
8 Jan 2003
Sheffield, UK
Sure, theres always a risk. But you'll be fine! The idea is to ground yourself when working on a PC. If you are just changing the HD. Leave the computer plugged into the mains and touch the case before touching the components and as long as you don't go for a run you'll be fine ;).

I would advise not to put components on the carpet. Just get a piece of cardboard, or something equally no conductive. I often see people making the mistake of laying GPU's and memory ontop of antistatic bags. This is a BAD idea, as the the bags are designed to keep charge on the outside and it is possible to build up static charge on the outside.

If you are just doing a straight HDD swap, it's pretty straight forward, unplug sata and power cables from old drive and connect them to the new one.
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