Cheap courses

30 Dec 2010
Useful for sure. When I had a period of unemployment when waiting for my sec clearances (took 5 months) I found having courses to do kept me sane and like I was being productive.
29 Jan 2008
Have seen this same link sent around before ( though previously with some claim the government was funding it too).

Some of these look like utter dog ****, doesn't look like Reed is paying much attention to this stuff when promoting them so buyer beware. Would be surprised if anyone paid the full quoted price for these things. You'd probably be better off getting a udemy discount code and finding a well-reviewed course on there or just going with the well-known MOOC providers or other well-known providers than some of these dubious-looking courses.

I mean just look at these two near the top of the list:


Did anyone really pay £945 for a cryptocurrency course consisting of a grand total of 1.3 hours worth of content? Doubt!

If you were going to spend £1200 on some project management training surely you'd get some actual qualification to go with it? Love how they use the name "Oxford" too.

I suspect that for £15 and £10 for access to the videos you'd still probs be better off buying a book, udemy course or watching some youtube videos.

Some of the others are perhaps good, they have a free interview course by the CEO of Reed & some author of an interview guide, that makes perfect sense for Reed to promote and is likely useful.
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