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Cheap Printer Capable of CD Printing?

Discussion in 'Printers' started by Godzkiller, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. Godzkiller


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    I've been looking for a relatively cheap printer to print onto my discs for a while now, but a lot of the sites (including some manufacturing sites) don't specify whether or not they can do CD printing.

    I've seen some video of older printer like the HP D5160 and the Canon Pixma iP5200 performing CD printing, but these printers are now disbanded and no longer sold as they are rather old. The printers were relatively cheap, costing from £40-£80 (someone told me).

    I've also seen newer printers (only EPSON) being capable of CD printing, like the EPSON Artisan 720, but I can't find a place that sells the Artisan models, plus I think they would be a bit costly.

    I've checked gumtree but most of the printer on there are compact printers that are not capable of CD printing. I have also checked Ebay, and when I did find something it would be somewhere far away (I can't go outside my Glasgow because I can't drive) and it would be pickup only.

    I only want the printer for CD printing and nothing else, so does anyone know of a cheap printer that you are certain can perform CD printing and where I could buy one?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Canon Pixma IP4950 Printer - Gggle it. ;)

    The Canon Pixma IP4950 is a high performance photolab-quality printer offering stunning design with built in Auto Duplex Print and Direct Disc Print.
  3. wazza300


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    i own a canon pixma mp600 and it can print on cd/dvd labels