Cheap PSU - 600W ?

15 Mar 2004

My old OCZ 600w ModXstreme Pro has gone pop in my sons rig.

I need something cheap to replace it.

The system is a

Intel Core i5-6400 2.70GHz (Skylake) Socket LGA1151 Processor - Retail
Team Group Elite 8GB (2x4GB) DDR4 PC4-19200C16 2400MHz Dual Channel Kit - Black

Crucial BX200 240GB SSD SATA 6Gbps Solid State Drive
Powercolor Radeon R9 380 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card (AXR9 380 4GBD5-PPD
Gigabyte H110M-S2H Intel H110 (Socket 1151) DDR4 Micro ATX Motherboard

The gfx card has 2 x 6 pin connectors, not sure it uses both ? but they was both plugged into the old PSU.

What would you recommend ?
24 May 2006
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You're going to get what you pay for, and the PSU is the backbone of any system, but it's your call. If you want to grab a PSU for £40 (give or take a bit), it probably won't matter a great deal what brand is attached to it, so take your pick (and choose the one with the longest warranty). 500W is the recommended wattage for that GPU, so regardless of choice, i'd stick to that as a minimum if you're penny pinching.

Of the cheap Corsair i've used, i'd say don't waste your money, but you could do worse for the same price bracket.

Honestly though, IMHO, the PSU is the one place not to skimp(too much), it won't matter until it does.
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12 Jul 2005
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The Seasonic SIII is not actually a Seasonic and I would avoid it. It's not a very good psu and suffers from fairly high ripple on the 12v rail. It's not made by Seasonic but is outsourced to RSY (Shenzhen Ruishengyuan Technology) and no longer uses Japanese caps like the SII did. Instead they use Teapo caps which range from low to medium quality. People see the Seasonic name and assume that it's great due to brand awareness and reputation but Seasonic has had some bad psu's in the past and this one can be added to the list. I wouldn't go for the poor quality Corsair either.

The psu is really not a component to skimp on so spend a little extra and choose something like the Corsair TX550M at £69.95. It's a Great Wall built unit with a single 12v rail of 516w is gold rated and has a 7 year warranty.

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