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Childrens Camera

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by divuk83, Oct 22, 2018.

  1. divuk83

    Wise Guy

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    I'm after a camera for my daughter who is 4 and a half. I'm not wanting the 1 mega pixel fisher price type of camera. I was thinking of going for a simple point and shoot one, maybe a rugged style one that can take a bit of abuse. My daughter has specified it needs to be blue as well! I'm not wanting to spend silly money. I want to keep it at about the £60 mark so I was thinking of maybe getting something second hand?

    The Nikon COOLPIX W100 is overbudget, but is the kind of think I'm after, no fragile protruding lens, fairly rugged and blue. I think even a non "rugged/waterproof" camera with internal lens would be fine. Obviously I'm not expecting amazing image quality! Any suggestions are welcome.


  2. a1ex2001


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    Fuji xp are about the cheapest of the rugge cameras.
  3. ddoubleep


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    An older Canon Ixus? I recall them being made well and the one we had took lots of abuse being thrown about and still worked. I think it was an Ixus 80 or 90 something. Check second hand places for one. Various colours available.
  4. LionOfJudah


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    my 4 year old has above and loves it. he can use the back camera for selfies and has discovered games on there also. He can also in camera add special effects to photos. its taken a few falls no problems


    above photo he has taken on it. sorry couldn't get pic on here directly. Flickr isn't loading for me at present
  5. Minstadave


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    I was coming to recommend the same as the above. Battery last ages, pretty robust, can download the pics via USB and my daughter loves the silly modes.
  6. divuk83

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    Thanks for the replies. I have ended up with a Practica WP240 which I have just paid £47.49 for an ex display one in mint condition. It's blue which is probably the most important thing to my daughter as she loves blue. It can usb charge and is fairly tough so I'm happy too.