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Circa £200 budget for non-OC card

24 Jul 2003
South East Coast
Title may seem a bit strange but basically I am currently researching and buying components for a new build that will be my first PC after 4 years!

It will mainly be used as an HTPC but with some gaming. Primarily BF3 and maybe Skyrim or the odd other game. This means though that it will be in a discrete case with silent fans etc in a corner/unit so airflow won't be the best and frankly I have no real interest in OCing anymore. I just want to pop it in and it works (Although admittedly might OC the i5 a little!).

It will be connected via HDMI to my Full HD LCD so the card will need to perform at 1920x1080 with all settings MAX (Or at least as max as they can be).

As I am still in the process of researching (only thing I have bought so far is 8GB of the Kingston Hyper Grey due to the ridiculous price) it will be accompanied by an i5 2500k. The PSU I guess will be entirely dependant on what Graphics card I get so recommendations in that area also appreciated.

I don't have an unlimited budget so £200 is kinda my max for GFX but what would everyone recommend. I have seen the 7850 thrown around a lot but of course with the advice of OC it! Which means i'm not entirely sure that would be the best deal for me?

Any help appreciated.
21 Jun 2011
7-series ATI cards are power efficient, so if you want a compact case then they will be a good bet
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