Comparison Sabrent Rocket PCI4 v Samsung 970 PCI3

12 Jul 2005
Just did a simple comparison using Samsung Magician of the Sabrent Rocket 2tb against a Samsung 970Pro 1TB

Having just upgraded my motherboard to a Asus Dark Hero and upgraded the rest of my PC to go with it, I wanted to get a PCI4 NVME drive. I decided on the Sabrent Rocket and while I know it's not got the best controller, the price v performance pushed me to that over the Samsung 980.

I already had a Samsung 970Pro in my last PC so moved that over to be my second drive.

The picture below shows the basic scores running some test on the drives.

As you can see in sequential work the Sabrent is considerably faster due to the PCI 4 bus but there is very little difference in the Random IOPs.

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