Contacting apple about problem with iTunes rental

21 Oct 2002
Hi all,

I decided to rent a film on itunes tonight as I have done many times before. I only watched around 20mins of the film before my itunes crashed. When I opened it there were no rentals in my library and I can't download it again. (I could try buying it again to see if it is free but don't want to pay for it twice!)

It is listed in my account as a recent purchase so I am going to be charged for it without being able to watch it!

Does anyone know how to contact itunes to get this sorted? I have looked through the menus in the software but can't see anything.

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13 Oct 2006
AFAIK you have to go through their website to contact support - they will re-enable the DL or refund no quibble usually.

There is a button at the bottom right of the purchases window to redownload previously downloaded items but AFAIK it doesn't include movie rentals in that :(

EDIT: Have you used the check for available downloads option from the store menu?
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