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Correct Kettle Lead Amperage?

Discussion in 'Power Supplies' started by Jakstaar2007, May 9, 2018.

  1. Jakstaar2007

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    Afternoon all,

    I'm having some intermittent issues that i'm working to diagnose, and part of my investigation has led me to my PSU.
    A few months back, after starting to plug in and use my computer again after a period of not being used i intermittently received a few messages on boot mentioning insufficient power. A few times some of the attached devices didn't power up, but it went away after i removed my PCI soundcard. So i assumed it to be too many devices connected to my 600w PSU and didn't think much more of it.

    Around the same time i had some artifacting issues with my GPU and so bought a GTX 670.

    In recent weeks i've had similar artifcating intermittently, and more frequent display driver crashes. But when booting up into safe mode i've had no problems.
    I've tried DDU and removed graphics drivers, but the issue comes back intermittently.

    My PSU is plugged into a surge protected 4-way, and i'm now going to plug the PSU directly into the wal socket in case the 4-way is causing power instability. However i did notice that the kettle lead to the PSU is 5amp/250. My kettle lead to my monitor happens to be 13a/250v.

    I can't seem to find anything online about what amp lead i should be using my my OCZ Modular 600w PSU, and wondered if anyone had any advice.
    I've moved houses a couple of times since i bought it and so can't be 100% this is the lead that came with the PSU.

    I'm at the point where i'm tempted to buy a new 800w+ PSU for the sake of ruling it out in my investigation.

  2. Armageus


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    5 Amp lead is good for ~1000W, so it's not that. You can safely swap the monitor lead as 5 Amp would be more suitable for a monitor anyway.

    PSUs do deteriorate over time, so worth trying another.
  3. Jakstaar2007

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    Location: East Northants

    Perfect, thank you. I'll give a new PSU a go in that case. Worst case it's not the PSU but i could do with a new one for any upgrade anyway.

    Thanks again!