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Council Tax - Is it too high?

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Psycho Sonny, Aug 16, 2018.

  1. BowdonUK

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    The only time globalism will be fully engaged is if all countries feel there is a direct threat to them at the same time.

    Being nationalistic doesn't mean being anti-cooperative and destructively retarded. If it was then countries would never have traded with each other through-out history. It would have just been one group dominating all other tribes.

    I don't consider capitalism as a friend to a nationalist identity. I agree with your opinion of capitalism, that it as drained our resources in support of cheap foreign labour.

    But like I asked in my post, where is all the money going these days from these council taxes? We're paying more and getting less.

    I can see some kind of peoples revolution happening in this country if something doesn't change. There is only so many things the government can sell off for a cheap buck, and there are only so many coppers (money) in the bank.
  2. Amp34


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    You have no clue. Vancouver is not Canada. In fact Vancouver is a cheaper version of what London is to the UK. It, and Toronto, are anomalies largely due, like London to an extent, to massive influences of foreign cash.

    Go to central London and marvel at the £2000 a week (yes week) rent rates for a 2-3 bedroom flat, the myriad of supercars on a 10 minute walk around Marylebone/Bond street/Piccadilly. You live up north IIRC so the difference will be far more stark. On the Canadian East coast (basically the equivalent of Northern England), you can buy a house and a couple of acres of land for $100k.In Vancouver you can buy a flat for $10million. The differences are just as stark as in any other developed country.

    The building restrictions you talk of are physical - there’s not enough space left around Vancouver to date the demand of investors. The legal building restrictions are far less restrictive than the UK IME - you can basically buy a plot of land and build anywhere if you want.

    And for your student comment: Canada has around 270k foreign students, in comparison the UK has around 300k non EU students (and another 120,000 EU students), so no imagining needed, there are already more foreign students in the UK. Many of them the rich Asian types - they’re concentrated in Universities around London, Cambridge, Oxford and Bath/Bristol though, less so up north where you live.

    Your posts smack of grass is greener after a short holiday, and has no grounding on reality (not tha I’m planning on moving back to the UK any time soon...)
  3. Jumper118


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    Any council tax is too high. Think of all the extra jobs that would be created in the private sector if the council weren't stealing all the jobs.
  4. VincentHanna


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  5. Eurofighter

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    Council tax should be lower in poorer areas and higher in richer areas, it should all go to central government and then be distributed accordingly. bit too socialist for many though, the southerners would never agree.
  6. Dolph

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    Kind of makes a complete mockery of the principles of local taxation though. You might just as all do away with all local government if you do this.
  7. Eurofighter

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    They are probably the best people to spend the money though so I wouldn't get rid of them.
  8. Dolph

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    I would strongly disagree, local and national governments are rarely the best people to determine how money is spent. Their incentives are all skewed and they rarely have the experience of actually managing large budgets or services.
  9. muon


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    I agree. Scrap all council services and leave it to free markets.

    Free markets will provide social care, repair our roads, keep things clean, manage local education provision etc. It will also be more efficient and everything will cost less.
  10. Stretch


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    The reason they succeeded is because they knuckled down, focused on the future, worked hard, for less money and weren't too proud to start at the bottom.

    In the UK, as the victors, there was an assumption that everything we did was just better, we spent too much time wallowing in our own glory and became complacent and blinkered by past achievements.

    An affliction which still persist to this day.
  11. SPG


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    I am fine with a higher council tax....If nothing is outsourced and we actually build services again. Run by the people for the people, Not Run for profit in-spite of the people.