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CPU/Cooler problem

7 May 2010
Hi fellas. I was playing on my pc when I got what I thought was CPU lag. After looking inside my case the pump on my cooler seemed to be working overtime but the water was static in the pipes. I restarted my pc and the bios said something a long the lines of CPU temperature problems. I presumed I had a problem with my pump so went and bought a replacement cooler which ive just fitted this morning. Ive just fired the computer up and have ran into exactly the same problem, the new pump is trying to work but again the water is static in the pipes. Ive got the following components;

Asus Z97-K - Devils Canyon Core i5 4690K Bundle
Raijintek Triton AIO Water Cooling Solution

The computer has ran faultlessly for over 12 months and ive not tinkered with any settings so I cant really put my finger on what the problem could be. When I restarted just now windows told me id ran into a problem and it it would restart, then when it should down I had to manually turn it back on, I again got the same message about CPU temperature and when I went to enter the bios the computer crashed.

Any help on this would be hugely appreciated, many thanks
19 Jul 2011
Start by never using a > Raijintek Triton AIO.

Dreadful cooler, i have owned one that packed in and leaked, and i have two friends that have had similar issues.

Personally AIO coolers should come with a best before date , because at some point its going to pack up or leak, usually the latter.

Stick with a good air cooler or go custom water.

However this sounds like a PSU issue , check the connections at both ends, especially if its connected via molex.

What Psu is it ?

If you have a multi meter check the voltages, if you have access to a spare even better.
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