CPU/Motherboard/RAM Upgrade Advice - £500

26 Oct 2016
As title says, looking for some advice on what my best options are. I was thinking a Ryzen 3700x, a B450 and 16gb of 3200MHz ram would be a pretty decent jump from my current i5 4460/8gb ddr3 but thought I'd get some feedback on that before I pull the trigger.

Few things I should mention,
- I'm willing to spend around £500, I could go a little over that if needs be but not by a massive amount.
- Will be used for gaming for the most part, some light web development stuff when in a pinch.
- I play at 1440p/60hz
- I have no preference to Intel/AMD, just whatever is going to be the better option.
- If I ended up with Intel a cooler would also need to be factored into the price.
- If I end up with a B450/x470 it will need to be one that can have it's bios updated without a CPU.
- It will be paired with an RTX 2060 atm but I'm also considering moving that on and getting an RTX 2070 SUPER.

So yeah, good choices or should I be looking at something else?
1 Dec 2015
26 May 2012
Rtx 2070 performance for less with extra 2GB of ram .
8GB perfect for CSL with mods ;)
Taking a hit to sell the 2060 and get 2060s.
Is the extra 15-20% performance worth £150?

CSL would see better gains going from 4c4t Haswell to 6c12t+ ryzen 3000
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