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Crime Up, Knife Crime Up, Gun Crime Up

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TallPaul1878, Jan 27, 2018.

  1. TallPaul1878

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  2. Steampunk


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    It happens every time the Tories come in. Cut everything, give the money to their rich mates, wait for the mythical "trickle down" that never happens. If you're rich you're okay, if you don't have the money, you're on your own.

    The police are just reactive now, turning up after the event to log the crime. Their proactive work to stop crime in the first place is suffering as their budgets and numbers are cut to the bone and beyond.
  3. Kronos


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    I blame Brexit. If it wasn't for Brexit crime would not exist. All would be sweetness and light.
  4. Minstadave


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    I haven’t seen a policeman walking a beat for years. Road police have became a rarity.

    You cut policing you get more crime.
  5. Haggisman


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    Location: Birmingham

    I though brexit was supposed to fix crime? British people don't commit crimes so when we get rid of all those dirty criminal foreigners then we'll be living in a crime free paradise, that's what I was told!!
  6. Fusion


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    This has been the case for as long as I can remember (I'm 32). My Dad has been saying it for as long as I remember.

    Obviously the Tories are cutting police funding. This is surprising really, as by design a (little c) conservative government ought to rank law and order as a paramount concern. Why don't the current government view things this way? You'd expect them to retain police numbers and make larger cuts elsewhere. Why insult your own base and go against what you supposedly stand for?
  7. Fubsy


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    In before "softening up for private security firms".
  8. Narj


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    Private police like the ones in Jo'burg!
  9. LabR@t


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    Labour let the scum in.
  10. builder22


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    Hands up!
  11. RDM


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    Saw this on the news yesterday, was listening to R4 and their analysis was a little more nuanced as the crime survey suggests that people are less likely to be the victim of crime than ever before.

    They said that this suggests that most of the increase in violent crime is criminal on criminal. So in some respect the paranoia isnt really justified. (Unless you are a member of a gang, in which case you are more likely to get stabbed or shot than you were 10 years ago)
  12. Tunney


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    People voted for austerity and austerity policing. Can’t whinge at politicians when you get what you asked for.
  13. Flubble

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    apart from at the football ground on game days and the annoyingly loud helicopter that hovers over our house at 3am i haven't seen police anywhere else in this town for over a decade

    we phoned them up once to report a group of people (that we don't know) fighting outside the house on our driveway, they phoned back 40 mins later asking of they had gone yet...
  14. VincentHanna


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    Ah, so it is only people who were "let in" (I assume you mean migrants) who commit crimes

    I knew Britain was great for a reason. Anyone born here would never commit a crime....
  15. arknor


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    Location: Newcastle/Zurich

    there is something deeply wrong with this country.
    When I'm in switzerland I never see any teens hanging around the streets, never seen anyone causing trouble.
    the only gangs of youths I've saw is when they are meeting up at the train station but they are generally well groomed and smartly dressed.
    I don't understand how are country seems to be so different.
    is it the compulsory military service they have that installs discipline respect and manners ?

    maybe it started in the 60's and 70's when councils started moving trouble families in to the same small areas so all the scum would be grouped together and being able to have a bigger influence on the area they lived.
  16. MrRockliffe


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    I almost bit. Almost.
  17. robgmun


    Joined: Apr 30, 2006

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    Come to London, they're freaking everywhere. And crime is still up
  18. robgmun


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    You're blind as a bat if you can't see the massive criminal element that mass immigration, particularly from former Baltic states, has brought in. In particular organised crime such drug trafficking, sex salves, excessive vagrancy (at lest in London) and money laundering.

    Yay! You have 10 criminals on our street, lets bring in 5 more from oversees. It doesn't matter it'll increase the crime rate even further because we can't be seen to be hypocrites!


    Sometimes i despair at some people thought processes or lack of it.
  19. fish


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    I agree with robgmun's statement above. I would also like to add that it has come to light in the last year that our police service have been massively under reporting crime for years to hit targets and get bonuses on the back of it. They have been found out and now i would hoope are reporting more of the crime which occurs and therfore crime has gone up. I would also argue that we are not getting the correct candidates for the job to meet diversity targets which will affect recruitment numbers.

    There is a culmination of many things which has led to an increase in crime: a reduction in police numbers, influx of less desirables, under reporting (which has now been highlighted). All this adds up to more reported crime.
  20. Nasher


    Joined: Nov 22, 2006

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    I think it's mostly just London that is pushing the national average up. The capitol of scum and villainy (and hipsters).

    But you look at the crime map and 90% of cases seem to be closed straight away with "no suspect identified". Like they didn't even bother looking in to robberies, burglaries and car crime etc. Only sex crimes seem to be the ones which get any attention. Maybe internet trolls as well.

    Criminals are getting bolder because they know it won't even get investigated most of the time.
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