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Crucial BX500 with QLC nand and dram-less controller

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by Super Tigers, Sep 9, 2018.

  1. Super Tigers

    Wise Guy

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    I managed to pick up one of the new Crucial BX500 QLC nand SSD today, very much a value product and not an enthuiast product. Crucial launched these very recently and have not really made a song and dance about them, there was talk of poor production yields on the initial runs for the nand chips. I picked up the 240gig 2.5in SATA version for sub £40, this is to replace a mech HDD in my laptop. The drive isn't used as the boot drive as I have a Western Digital M2 ssd in the NVME slot.
    The drive will hold a couple of games approx 50gig each, VMware Ubuntu image and my Onedrive folder.
    I ran a simple benchmark after I installed approx 130gigs of data on the drive and trimmed it.



    Definately cheap and cheerful, but QLC nand should mean that the percentage of new laptops shipping with older mechanical HDD drives should fall significantly.
  2. Super Tigers

    Wise Guy

    Joined: Oct 22, 2002

    Posts: 1,832

    Location: Hull, UK

    The bench mark I used was a little low, so I tried Crystal mark and it seems to give a better result.

  3. Reznor


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    I've been tempted to pickup one of these drives since I heard about them. Think it will be perfect for my steam games I play less often! Let us know further down the line how the drive behaves once its filled up a bit more :D
  4. Vimes


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    The BX500 range, maybe their budget ones, only seen to have a three years warranty.

    I just bought a MX500 Crucial drive, albeit a 1TB capacity, and they come with a five years guarantee .

    But the BX is quite a bit cheaper.

    As a comparison the MX500....


    Nice that SSD drives are becoming more affordable.

    Seems a good drive and amazing for the cost. The BX500 drives seem to top out at 480GB.
  5. BlackAle


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    The BX500 uses TLC.