Curiosity Stream and "background" music - anyone use it?

Man of Honour
5 Dec 2003
Just to the left of my PC
The service appeals to me, but when I watched a few of the videos on their Youtube channel to see what it's like, every one had irrelevant music playing loudly and constantly over the top of the video. More foreground music than background music and over everything including narration and dialogue. That stopped me subscribing to the service.

I know that it's currently fashionable to drown out everything with irrelevant music played constantly over it, but it strikes me as pointlessly rude. I know some people want that. I don't understand why anyone wants that, but some people do. But those people could do it themselves very easily by playing music at the same time in another tab/app. That way they would get a choice of what irrelevant music was played over the video they were watching and at what volume and people who didn't want to have irrelevant music playing constantly over the video they were watching wouldn't have to have it. Forcing every viewer to have irrelevant music playing constantly over the video they're watching removes choice from every viewer. The only people who benefit are those who gain pleasure from things being ruined for other people. So, pointlessly rude. question is whether the constant intrusion of irrelevant music played over the top of the video is part of Curiosity Stream itself or just something they imposed on their Youtube videos for some reason.
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