Currently have Hazro HZ27WD. Is there a better replacement out there?

16 Nov 2011
I currently have a Hazro HZ27WD and I have been toying around with the idea of replacing the monitor with something else that has better colour accuracy and black levels. I use this monitor to do a bit of everything but I also really like playing games. Playing on this 1440p screen is a treat for the most part but this screen does tend to lag and blur when frame rates dip below 60. For example, in non-graphically demanding titles like Team Fortress 2, Black Mesa Source, Dark Souls, etc. the monitor is fantastic. However, when playing something like the Witcher 2 (worst offender), Crysis 2 with Maldo HD 4.0, and Battlefield 3, the blurring becomes quite pronounced. I know it sounds weird but I don't think the monitor can handle the depth of field and motion blur effects very well when the game is running at less than the native refresh rate.

I have thought about one of the new BenQ AMVA 27" 1440p AMVA panels but fear that the ghosting will be pretty similar. Then I think about a 120hz gaming monitor but don't like the idea of downgrading to a 24" 1080p screen. I will not entertain the idea of a 27" 1080p screen due to pixel density making for an ugly picture.

What do you guy think? Hold onto the Hazro or is there something that is an actual worthwhile upgrade out there which will best what I have without too many compromises?
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