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'Depollution System Faulty' Damn you Peugeot!

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Avenged7Fold, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. phil-k

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    I am looking at getting a 4 year old Peugeot 308 or Focus soon, as they both have all these modern electronics I imagine there would be the same possible problems with either of them
  2. Nasher


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    You'll definitely have a lot less problems with Ford electronics!
  3. Orionaut


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    Dont know about OP's car, but I have found that when older diesle Peugeot come up with "Depolution fault" and a little picture on the dash display, as opposed to just a MIL on, especially at around 80,000 miles. It typically refers to the need for the DPF additive tank to be refilled

    (A bit like topping up ad-blue, but something that only needs to be done every 80,000 miles or so on the Peugeot system)

    It is a nasty messy job involving unpleasant chemicals being squirted into a not verry accessible tank under the floor but it is DIYable provided you have acess to a suitable scan tool for resetting the counter.

    To put this job off for as long as possible, run the tank all the way down and refill to brim each time you top up.

    The counter operates on the number of fuel flap operations, Bit like redex, you get a squirt evey time you open the flap so you will use the stuff up much quicker if you fill up little and often.
  4. Tomsk


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    As an owner of 11 year old Peugeot 407 Diesel, the message to refill DPF is very specific.

    'Depolution fault' can be one of several faults.
    On my car it's the EGR valve, which I blocked off anyway, because it was faulty. In fact since blocking it off, my car has run better.