Desktop replacement/TV + 2 HD sources... choices?

31 Mar 2003
Hi all,

For the gazillionth time here's another spec me thread on what TV to buy. Its going to replace my Dell 2407 wide screen 24" monitor as my main PC monitor as well as my PS3/Xbox360/SD Cable output.

Thus preferably I am looking at 1080p unless someone can tell me I wont notice it coming from my Dell at 1920x1200 (though I suspect I may ;)).

Budget of £700 max must have enough connectors for all 3 HD sources preferably as I don't fancy my PC via VGA, and must be at least comparable in quality to my Dell fonts wise since its going to replace it, I have seen what our pioneer (1st gen admittedly) Plasma 1080p does with my PS3s fonts they looks very poorly.

Size wise realistically 37" but 40" may be doable as space is limited, but must be justifiably bigger than my Dell, the 30" dell is far to demanding for my card and I only game at native res and I hate downscaling.

I am after plasma or LCD, not bothered as long as its clear and fast with good blacks and brightness.