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Difficulty running network cable through existing channels. Help & suggestions needed

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Phate, May 19, 2019.

  1. Adam_151


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    I'm thinking its something like kopex you are trying to draw through: https://www07.abb.com/images/librar...s/pma-ex-system/396px-width/kopex-exb_396.jpg

    If so then because its ridged inside then you might struggle I think!. One thing that does seem to work well (and I'm not sure what you'd get in lisbon thats similar). is strip the brown or blue out of a bit of 2.5 twin and earth and bend the end over, that gives a smooth end which can glide over the ridges, if its not ridgid enough then just strip the end of the twin and earth for a few inches and do that to one of the cores and then tape it where it comes out of the stripped end of the cable
  2. Mattitude


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    Yellow 77! Also use Cat5e not Cat6
  3. ZG002


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    It might be that theres a really small choke point halfway or that they randomly clipped the old cable at one point and you are hitting that.

    In these cases, either extreme luck or finding the choke point and uncovering it are really the only way.

    By channel, what is it you are actually running along?
  4. Phate


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    I will post some pictures to make things a bit clearer.

    But picture, behind the socket on the wall, you see 2 or 3 holes. Each hole leads to a prebuilt channel which runs under the floor to the other end.