Disable motherboard bluetooth to use USB dongle?

3 May 2012
Hi guys,

I have a new motherboard (MSI x570 tomahawk) and I've come to the conclusion the inbuilt bluetooth transmitter is pants.

I have a USB bluetooth (asus USB BT-400) which worked flawlessly on my old PC.

How do I get windows to disable the motherboard one so I can use the USB one without conflicts? I cannot see in the BIOS settings for the board anywhere to disable to onboard bluetooth, so I am guessing this can be done via device manager?
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13 Oct 2006
You can control which one is used, etc. through the settings/control panel. Or you can just disable the hardware in device manager - there are a few issues with Bluetooth and multiple adaptors though nothing unsolvable but I can't remember exactly what off the top of my head - had to do it with one of my tablets as the built in Bluetooth kept cutting out after 40 minutes requiring a reboot to get it working again so stuck a little USB dongle in which works fine.
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