Disappearing SSD

24 Apr 2020
I have a laptop Legion y530 ( i7 7850h + 1060 + 2tb hdd ) and about year ago i decided to buy a SSD for it. Problem with this new ssd ( ADATA XPG SX6000 Lite 512 GB M.2 2280 PCI-E x4 Gen3 NVMe ) was that at the beginning when i installed clean win 10 without deleting previous win 10 from hdd, new windows started to crash either browsing internet or playing games showing blue screen sometimes. After that i decided to format both ssd and hdd and install win back on hdd drive. Then new problems showed up. SSD started to not show up sometimes on partition manager or file manager like it was disconnected. Another thing is when ssd is seen by computer and i play some high demanding games installed on it crashing game is happening again.

Any idea to solve this problem ?
5 Nov 2014
Have you ran any health check software or tried the manufactures software to see if there is any issues on the SSD?

when you re installed windows did you only have the HDD connected or was both drives in the laptop? Windows has a bad habit of installing parts of it on to a second drive if it’s connected during install so whenever installing windows make sure that the drive your installing windows on too is only connected.
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