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Dividing the Nation: Discount Supermarkets

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by RedvGreen, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Ian_Eb


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    This is definitely false. I have worked in a vast number of these stores over the past 20 years and all the ones I worked in have had both chillers and freezers (We have kit in over 500 stores)
  2. DarkHorizon472


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    We start shopping in Aldi and buy anything Aldi don’t sell or is low quality/ not to our taste from Waitrose or M&S. This greatly reduced our shopping bills and means we eat a lot more fresh food.
  3. RedvGreen


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    This chap may have an axe to grind then, since he no longer works for them. I did think it went some way to explain the poorer lifespan and sometimes poorer quality of their 'fresh' products.

    How is everyone finding the nutritional/kcal counting (if that matters to you) - for instance if you are diabetic, or have high cholesterol etc.
  4. Monkeynut


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    We mostly use ALDI for the big shop and then ASDA, Farmfoods and Home Bargains for the rest. You can get much better deals in a few specific shops.
  5. loftie


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    We shop all over, and depends where things are 'nice'. Aldi in our house doesn't go down amazingly well, the fresh stuff seems to go off faster, seems to have less taste (tomatoes come to mind), and the non-fresh stuff is OK at best. If we want stuff that tastes better, we go to Asda/Lidl - yea they really are better than our Aldi, even the cheaper stuff from Asda. If we want stuff that's generally nicer still we go to Sainsburys. Tesco is also pretty miss in our household, though some of their stuff is nice - stuffed chillies come to mind.

    Lidl is very hit and miss. Some of the stuff is pretty nice at time - italian stuff (we're italian) is good generally, though their prosciutto has ranged from really nice to not so good. If it's Italian week, we generally go and buy stuff -cheese, sliced meats, drinks. Crema di Limoncino if they have it. Own brand stuff at both Aldi and Lidl such as biscuits just don't taste as good as Mcvities for example. I'd much rather have a biscuit half the time that tastes better and costs twice as much. Generally our Lidl fresh food is better than Aldi too, with more flavour, but again WRT tomatoes we go to a local shop that sells them cheaper and they taste - generally - nicer too. Cereals I find Lidl ones are nicer than Aldi, and are good enough, I'm addicted to apple cinnamon clusters, full of sugar though.

    All in all, we shop wherever, Costco, Makro, Aldi, Lidl, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, M&S, Morrisons, smaller local shops. If the food is nice, we buy it, if it's not we don't. As for price, we don't find Aldi or Lidl that much cheaper for what we buy - Lidl less so.
  6. SPG


    Joined: Jul 28, 2010

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    Anything remotely fresh goes off really quick from aldi/lidl its a good place to stock up on pasta etc.

    But iceland is better quality frozen stuff and a big suosupermarket is better for veg
  7. Werewolf


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    We tend to buy from all 3 of the local supermarkets (and Iceland) for different things as they all have their strong and weak points, for example I find our local Tesco's is often quite bad for fresh fruit and veg, but better for some items (although often more expensive than Morrisons), Morrisons has better fresh fruit and veg and cheaper on some brands but a poor in store bakery, whilst Aldi does some nice general staples and my dad really likes their gammon and some of their other meats, and Iceland has better frozen meals (or at least ones my dad likes more).

    I suspect a lot of it will vary depending on where you live, as things like fruit and veg and in store bakeries are highly dependant on the staff running them and how good/well trained they are (a friend who is/was a baker for one of the chains used to complain the management didn't want to pay for training so the bakeries were often understaffed/staffed by inexperienced people).

    Rather oddly, something I noticed when I would take my mother shopping is that Aldi and Iceland were probably the best stores if you were in a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as despite the isles being relatively narrow they never put movable displays of products in the isles at all in Aldi, and in Iceland they would only have one at most, always positioned so you could still get past it easily - it doesn't sound like much but it made a huge difference in terms of accessibility.

    Re the suggestion that a supermarket wouldn't store food that required temperature controlled storage, in such storage is almost certainly nonsense as it would get the chain fined so much money as it's a major food safety issue (veg might not be stored chilled, because one of the main reasons you do that is purely shelf life).
    My local Aldi certainly has frozen storage out the back, although I strongly suspect that the likes of Aldi and Lidl hold far less stock on site for that sort of thing.
  8. krooton


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    The only place I actively avoid shopping at is Asda *spit*.

    Everything else has their place, I actually love certain products from Lidl and Iceland that don't have decent equivilants in other shops.
  9. One More Solo


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    We used to shop in Aldi but the fresh stuff definitely doesn't last as long. We now use scan as you shop in Tesco which a) saves loads of time and b) makes it really easy to track your spend. I reckon our shopping bill is 20% less since starting to use it (fewer impulse purchases, consciously choosing cheaper options).
  10. bremen1874


    Joined: Oct 20, 2008

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    I only use Tesco for online shopping to get the things I can't get from Aldi. That really does cut down on impulse purchases. The cost of the annual delivery subscription is less than what it'd cost me in fuel to visit the store.
  11. b0rn2sk8


    Joined: Mar 9, 2003

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    The main issue I have with Lidl and Aldi is the selection of food, the food is generally 'fine' and stacks up well against other own brand stuff. Some is better, some just is not. They tend to cater to the 'packet and jar' generation and those that enjoy a narrow set of ready prepared foods. They just don't stock a wide enough rage of stuff if you are into cooking food yourself, especially herbs and spices. There is a much higher chance that some kind of fresh fruit or vegetables will be out of stock. A lot of what they sell is firmly in the 'junk food' category, so much high sugar, fat or high calorie food.

    Don't get me wrong I do shop at both bit its normally outside the main shop. I tend to go there if I want some junk food (their 'posh' pizza is far cheaper than Tesco) or fancy some European cheese or meats. Occasionally I get the odd alcoholic drink but I;m not a big drinker.
  12. iamtheoneneo


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    Location: Bucks

    Tescos seems to be the most normal.

    Aldi and lidl are a joke, and driving the cost of produce down even further to a point where your buying mush is not the answer.

    Waitrose is great but they really need to drive the cost down a tad more to be relevant again.
  13. DarkHorizon472


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    It must vary a lot by store as our local Tesco sells very poor produce but the local Aldi sells much fresher better quality produce.
  14. Litmoose


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    I recently gave Aldi a go, and for the first few shops i was really impressed with amount of choice they had. How ever, on some items you can deffintley tell the difference in quality. I got some breaded/battered chicken brest burger type things which ended up in the bin after a few bites, it was really fatty/fleshy/spongey and actually made me gag. I also got some fish burgers(bit like mc donalds filet o'fish) and they were rather disappointing and tasteless.

    Also got a mixed fruits selection and im sure the rasberrys were gone when i got them even though the date was 2 days away. They tasted quite bitter when i tried one and come the next day had mold on them. Other things are good though, had no issues with the meat, bottled flavoured water, their own sugar free pop, sweets/biscuits, bread, the baby nappies are actually far better then the leading brands.
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  15. a1ex2001


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    I do 90% of my shopping online with Sainsbury’s the convenience of delivery over going to a super market is immense. We then top up from the coop as it is walking distance and the bakery/meat/fish is the best of any super market. I do go to Aldi about once a month for baby stuff (nappies and wipes) and will pick up a few bottles of wine and some bits while i’m there. I’d use Aldi more if they did a full range and delivered it would also help if some of the products were not absolutely disgusting (fake lurpack).

    Only super market I avoid is Asda they are like visiting a zoo full of a slightly different human species!
  16. Skillmister


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    Location: Wales

    The disappointment could come from your choice of food rather than the supermarket you bought it from :o

    I do 90% of my shopping at Aldi, the rest at Tesco. Having shopped at Aldi for years now the prices in Tesco whenever I do more than picking up a few items are shocking. No issues with quality in fact a lot of my staples are better than the "normal" supermarket equivalents.
  17. a1ex2001


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    I’m amazed at the number of people who shop at multiple supermarkets (3/4) do you not have anything better to do?
  18. Shoza


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    Don’t touch them really but mostly through laziness. Almost all our shopping is Ocado delivered to the front door. Pickup random bits from Co Op on the way home from work if needed. Saves a huge amount of time.
  19. nkata


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    Now retired, I am a 'daily shopper'. Morrisons and Aldi, over the road from each other and Home Bargains for toiletries and other odds and ends.

    But if it does not fit on my pushbike or in my rucksack it waits for another day.:cool:
  20. Cleisthenes


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    My thoughts exactly :D

    Haven't had one of those burgers since I was about 7 and even then they were naff :p