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Do you use case fans on the case roof?

Discussion in 'Case Central' started by Zechris, Apr 30, 2018.

  1. Zechris


    Joined: Jan 8, 2012

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    I recently purchased the Coolermaster H500p Mesh and intend on opting for positive air pressure.

    The case has potential to place case fans on it's roof, but would that be detrimental for overall air cooling?
    Basically I am going for air entry via 2 case fans at the front of the case, 1 CPU air cooler and 1 exhaust fan.

    Have any of you guys had experience with changes in temperature from the addition/removal of push or pull roof case fans?
  2. t31os


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    It will benefit exhausting air out of the case, but also expose noise more readily and if you're looking to build up positive air pressure, you'll negate that to a degree by adding additional exhaust. I don't think it's typical to use top as intake as that goes against the natural flow of air moving from through the system(front/bottom intake, rear/top exhaust).

    It's something you could test cheaply with some inexpensive fans, the differences could be measured easily without a huge investment(the change doesn't have to be permenant until you're happy the difference is worth investing in with better fans later).
  3. Nikumba


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    I don't use case roof fans purely on the fact my fact likes to sleep on top of my case
  4. ttaskmaster


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    It shouldn't massively affect it, unless your top fans are stupidly over-powerful. I used to use top intake for w/c rads directly against side intake for X79 VRMs, with front intakes shuffling everything back toward the single rear exhaust... No worries.

    Also the CM H500 has a PSU shroud, so only the front fans intake to any massive degree, no base intake to speak of.
  5. clone


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    Can you run 3 x 120mm in the front?
    I've ran my set up with 3x 120mm on the front 2x120 MM on the roof pulling air in and a single 120mm as a exhaust,this worked well for me.