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Does this look like a stabbing to you?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by G-MAN2004, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. mmj_uk


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    Even if the Twitter account is that of a massive racist and the description is fake news just watch the video and let your brains comprehend what happened, he's not only attacking a woman but attacking a woman whilst she is already busy fighting another woman. How did we reach a point where there's so much apathy towards a violent attack just because of who the messenger is and the description? even if he did no damage to her whatsoever on this occasion he's clearly still a danger to anyone on the street just because of his intent.

    If you try to run your wife over with your car and the car goes right over her without causing a scratch the intent was still there if you can prove it was as intentional act.
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  2. neckbeardthethird

    Wise Guy

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    Pointing out the initial tweet is from a bit of a bell end doesn't mean you have apathy towards the attack, im not sure anyone really needs to condemn it do they, it goes without saying that it's criminal assault.
  3. TheVoice


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    Does it look like a stabbing? Potentially, yes.

    Was it? Evidently not.
  4. cheesyboy


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  5. G-MAN2004


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    Your wife's boyfriend.
  6. Scam


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    Honestly I don't know how anyone can actually use Twitter. No wonder the world is in such a state.

    To be clear, I'm not advocating that Twitter is the issue. It's just providing an anonymous platform for all the nutters to take hold :(

    I feel so sorry for the police in this country, not only when they have to deal with **** like in the video, but morons like the OP who are actually dumb enough to believe some Twitter troll over the police. It's so depressing :(
  7. G-MAN2004


    Joined: Jul 4, 2004

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    Even if they were keys, the intent was still there. He is still very clearly attempting to injure the person with a stabbing motion whilst holding something pointed. Are you blind? Do you need to go Specsavers, son? Do you want me to pay for your prescription?

    I'm sure if I jabbed some car keys into your neck like that, you'd be posting on here about how someone attempted to stab you.
  8. VincentHanna


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    They said nobody was stabbed, they didn't say nobody was arrested.
  9. Scam


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    Actually I had laser eye surgery a couple of years ago so I'm 20:20. Try again "son" :rolleyes:

    What you're failing to understand is that the police were there. You're looking at a grainy, shaky video where no amount of magnification can show you for sure what is in his hand or what he was doing. Sure, it looks and sounds like he has keys in his hands but you know what? The police were there and as a normal upstanding citizen I'm totally willing to bow to their better judgement. That's the way the world works. It's why you listen to your parents when you're younger, it's why you listen to your doctor about that rash you got from jerking off too much. If your moral compass is so deranged you want to believe some idiot Twitter troll over the police then you seriously need to get your head checked.

    EDIT: Not to mention the policeman clearly says "she's not been stabbed it's a scratch". The guy might have tried to "key" the girl and form our angle it looks like he got her, but again the policeman was there and actually looking at the girl. She clearly wasn't injured from whatever the guy in the green was attempting to do.
  10. billysielu


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    the two women were arrested
  11. Thekwango


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    police didn't mention attempted stabbings - they simply said no one was stabbed and no one died and from the evidence you've presented, no one was or did. i bet you posted in that twitter thread, didn't you son? :p does yer man with the keys need 7 colours of ***** kicked out of him, yup. did he stab someone, nope.
  12. dowie


    Joined: Jan 29, 2008

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    My thoughts too, just paused it here:

    Yup, though I guess they mean to say not a stabbing with a knife and not a murder. You can likely say that he stabbed her with a set of keys as that is what he seems to be holding.
  13. dowie


    Joined: Jan 29, 2008

    Posts: 46,041

    This bit is dodgy though... the guy just hanging around next to the police after doing that to a woman in full view of witnesses... yet none of the witnesses bar two seem to care about the woman on the floor - that's some dodgy chav values!

  14. Scam


    Joined: Oct 20, 2002

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    But clearly he didn't connect fully, you can hear the policeman say she was just scratched. Hence, no-one was stabbed. I'm sure the guy in green has been/will be questioned.
  15. Bug One


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    Keys or not, scum like that deserve to be locked away indefinitely.
  16. BowdonUK


    Joined: Jan 17, 2016

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    I saw this video earlier. I just downloaded it and played it in slow motion in VLC.

    It's not keys. It's a shiny length object that he's gripping with his whole hand.

    Maybe he was trying to stab her but because he didnt want to stab her full force he tried to do light stabs that most didn't go in.
  17. Hotwired


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    Stupid hype topic that immediately goes on a train of abuse and throwing blame around the implied event.


    Some people are having a low grade fight in the street as they do every single day of the week but quadruple on friday and saturday.

    Replace the BS with some nobodies having a fight in the street and all the trash talk falls over.

    You saw a bright streak on a low quality video.

    Playing it in slow motion and stopping frames doesn't give you a single grain more detail because the detail was never recorded.

    I have a bunch of keys right next to me, from 5 to 11cm long and most are quite shiny steel.

    You can't tell if that shiny streak is a foil wrapped chewing gum stick, a house key or a stiletto but that blur is all you have and you're making a claim.

    Just because a whole bunch of people say something dumb based on nothing doesn't make it more real.
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  18. Mr Jack


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    There's no blood.
  19. teaboy5


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    Sure whatever he was doing he wasn't doing it to the one on ended up the floor looking half dead. You can even hear people tell the police get her away shes crazy - she stabbed her.
  20. Efour


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    Is this real it looks like an A level drama project?