Drugs,Nunchaku, Monkey Bikes, Air Rifles And CCTV

20 May 2003
All in the street what great neighbours i have. And because the tennant that lives there is disabled nothing will be done about it. (POLICE & COUNCIL KNOW)

Any time during the day and night there are at least 6 people in there.
There is allways activity 24 hours a day and every time there is a car or we leave the house there is someone there watching your every move to top all this off cars screech down the street constantly and everytime someone jumps out goes in there for 5minutes and then speeds off again
then there are the long term ones wich will stay there allnight and leave in the early hours (POLICE & COUNCIL KNOW)

and to add insult to injury their dog constantly craps in our yard

there are three or four dismantled bicycles out side all the time (its there primary mode of transportation) every time a new bike shows up most probably stolen its stripped in hours and the parts are replaced on other bikes that they have!!! (POLICE & COUNCIL KNOW)

a couple of weeks ago they were tearing up and down the street on a monkey bike (bearing in mind the majority of people that live in the street are disabled or elderly) for hours on end. (POLICE KNOW)

last week it was target practice with a high powered air rifle shooting from the front of there flat across the street about 40ft at targets they have set out (POLICE KNOW)

and tonight nunchuks combined with a nicely possitioned CCTV camera placed off there property looking down the street and immediately at our and other neighbours vehicles/front doors

i realy dont want to get on the wrong side of these people as we have no idea what they're capable of.
its prety scary leaving our flat unattended you just dont know what your going to come back to the CCTV camera went up whilst we just went to get fish and chips ffs
its not the only incedent of CCTV cameraism they had one across the street wich the council came and took down after complaints (they didnt even come out of there flat to stop the council inspectors stealing ther camera)

the police want photographic evidence of the cars going there and of any dodgy activity before they will do anything like it would be safe to stand there with a camera.

all in all its a nightmare and no-one has the power to do anything its bloody ridiculous :mad:

sorry for the rambling post im just realy infuriated right now
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10 Mar 2004
SideWinder said:
What is a 'monkey bike'? :)

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